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My Ghost and I

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Author Comments

Here's a little 2D puzzle platformer I created as the last module in my University degree. I might create more levels for it in the future as I have a lot of ideas for future puzzles.

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Very well done, it's a great game in many ways, with many cool gameplay mechanics, and I enjoyed playing it.
I feel like it could have a couple more levels, though. Just creatively combining the things you've already learnt. The final level introduced the interesting mechanic of possessing people in a rather simple level, which is great for showing something new but doesn't quite match the expectation you might have for 'final level'.

gmitchell28 responds:

Thanks, yeah I agree that there isn't enough levels especially for this type of game. The first 4 levels are extremely basic and more of a tutorial for mechanics so more levels would be ideal.

I had lots of plans for enemy NPCs and more puzzles but ran out of time before my Uni deadline was due (I spent far too long in Photoshop).

I honestly really like the concept and art. The animations are smooth and I love the ambient music. It's overall a really good game.

Just some things that I've noticed that might help you:

- One of the levels where you have to press a pressure plate to move the door down has a bug where when the player exits the level while the platform is still moving makes the player disappear in the wall. I know I probably worded that a bit weird so message me if you want.
- When the player falls into a gap the level is suddenly reset. A transition would make it feel so much nicer.
- Your game needs WAY MORE JUICE! Add plenty of particle effects and screenshake and it will make the game feel much more interesting and satisfying.
- The player immediately dies when touching any part of the crushers. The player should only die when touching the bottom part.
- The player's death animation with the crushers seem a little off. Maybe instead have a particle explosion when the player is crushed as the death animation looks out of place.
- More collectible objects like coins would be nice. Hints that can be bought with coins would help a lot too.
- The levels start getting boring after a while. Some more background decorations and variations would make the game feel much better.
- (Just a personal opinion) For these kinds of games adding a dash ability would be a great addition.
- The spirits should be emitting some more light. Maybe also instead of plain orbs have them swirl to add some effect.
- Adding shadow to pits that can kill the player is good to help players know that that will kill them as to me it just looks a little weird.
- Some npcs and enemies would spice things up as well as an attack ability for the player.

Still a very good game though, has a lot of potential.

gmitchell28 responds:

Hi i'm glad you liked it. Yeah if I added more levels I'd want to add enemy NPCs and more traps which kill the player. In regards to the "MORE JUICE" it was my first time using construct and I probably could have utilised the particle effect more as well as other effects and behaviours. I've got some experience in Photoshop so managed to get by using that with the artwork.

I was thinking of maybe having themed expansions too with like 8 or 16 more levels in each.

Credits & Info

3.09 / 5.00

Jun 2, 2020
6:33 PM EDT