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Tifa x Cloud

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I love the voice actress' energy and passion. The realism is so fucking amazing here as well as the physics. The dick sliding through is one of the most realistic outercourse penetrations I've ever witnessed via animation and the dingy environment brings more life to the centerpiece sexual activity. You did very well with her clothes as well, specifically her choker and top.

Excellent shadows and lighting, perfect camera angles and transitions, adequate voice acting. I love the easter eggs like the posters in the background. And you did outstanding on the sex organs, especially the veins on Cloud's dick. The physics were well done as well. I love the movement of Tifa's earrings, the wrinkles on Cloud's clothes, and how he's slightly moving his hips up with Tifa.
Lip sync could use some work and her facial expression should be shifting, maybe momentarily closing her eyes, eyebrows raising, nose wrinkling, stuff like that. I also notice that the hair and earrings tend to go through Tifa's body instead of resting on it throughout the movie. This is a very difficult thing to improve on as I can see how physics animation is difficult to make things more natural.
You did an outstanding job, there's just a matter of fine tuning the physics and lip sync. I can barely hear sound effects as well, but due to them having sex, I can see the low sound effects being realistic with this scenario.