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MOBAcademy v0.2

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Update: 6/3/20

It's been brought to my attention that you could only have two save files. I've done a bit to alleviate that issue. You still probably aren't going to be able to have, like, ten different save files, which is regrettable. At least you won't on this version online. Here's a link to the Windows/Mac desktop version of the game where you can have as many save files as you want (or... almost):


Update: 6/7/20

So the issue with saving wasn't what I thought it was. Saves are stored locally on the site. Therefore, if you have saves in other TyranoBuilder games that are on Newgrounds they'll essentially take up save slots here. If you want a better experience, I would suggest downloading the desktop version of the game.

Warning: There aren't any new sex scenes in this release.

Some new CG's will be coming next build, but until then there's only the one CG in the game.

Last update was in February. A lot's changed since then.

  • Most notably, there's three new characters in the game with varying levels of interactivity
  • The UI's been reworked
  • There's multiple days
  • A ton more variables now.

That being said, the game still isn't completed yet. I'd say it's only about half finished.

I'm at a bit of a crossroads in the development of the game, so I regret that there hasn't been an update for so long.

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Made the Acc so i can write hear.
Boy this game is realy awesome. I love the design of the girls until know even if the first just keeps me running away. Cazen is just so funny designed and i think its realy sad that the game is frozen in development. I realy hope that u didnĀ“t cut it off because u struggle its too good for that. All i can do is right here something down and hope that u can read it together with the other comments and keep going on this.

you have a gold mine right here, and i really don't want this game to be another ''make and ditch'' type of game. i fully understand if you don't know what direction to go but at less tell the fans of this game what is going on, or what type of problems you are having, and maybe we can help give ideas. either way, from my experience with game devs, 1 of the worst things you can do is let a game die and not tell anyone who is invested either with money or time.

man are you still active or you have stoped


I can't hate the game too much since it is still new but, The choices feel as free as the ones you would get in "current" Bethesda games. Like Yeah I can say "Yes" "Yes (sarcasm)" or "No" and Other then a new dialogue section from only ONE of those chooses. It all leads to the same thing. Perhaps when the game is finished the way you reply will effect the end game with the girls but for now it all feels like a False sense of freedom. Other then that the art work looks great and I got to say the back grounds aren't that bad either. Now I think you should have more characters in it besides the three girls having there own Personal design we should see other lesser students so we get the feel the school is bigger and perhaps even give use a few small yet important conversation with them in order to build up a team if we refuse to join Ylasse perhap? Also I aint saying make gay stuff but It would be nice to have a few Guy buddies in the dorm in game so it feels a little more nature in a school setting. Like having Ylasse just walk around in the assassin dorm could lead to some situations where some are sneaking around following her and perhaps you notice or maybe one where the next room over has there resident watching the two talk and jokingly says "Don't worry bro I'll make sure to turn the TV up next time I hear her over" It can just add that little bit of liveliness I feel many lack. Like that could even lead to a different reaction from her based off how your relationship is. Like she is negative at you she glares at the stranger. Neutral at you, she could just look at you and if she is more negative make an annoyed look and if neutral positive leaning make a slight smile. And if Positive She replies with a clear blush on her face as she tries to come up with a sarcastic reply.

Now I ain't saying you. need to do any of this. But I do feel if you want to stand out from others of the same type and genre little things like that can help make this game give the player encouragement to come back to try different responses and perhaps feel more connected to the protagonist and story.