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To The Top! (Beta)

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Beta testing for my new game To the Top! Report needed balance changes and bugs you find, I will do a re-release with everything fixed, I just need game testing to be done right now. Sound effects and music should be added in the finished version (this is mostly for testing gameplay)



WASD - Movement

E (outside of the building) - Lets you go in the building if you are at the front

E (over the "elevators") - Advances you to the next floor

Q (over the "elevators") - Brings you back down and out of the tower

Left Click - Shoot Bullets

Right Click - Launch Bombs

Shift (when game is completed at least once) - Toggles Insane mode (infinite stamina)

Alt - Spawns double the enemies needed to pass to the next floor


Some Mechanics:

Bomb shards are only able to damage 1 enemy and not multiple

Bullets will increase in size and damage every time they go through an enemy

Upgrades will restock

Money Bags increase in frequency and money given as the number of floors completed is higher

Every game complete should increase enemy health and damage, and the amount of floors needed to complete the game

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i was just playing the game and a glitch happened where the bombs i threw did not explode which ended up with me dead after that i re-spawned and my character was limited to up and down movement and was invisible. Overall great game so far cant wait for the final version (edit) my character spawned out of the camera range it was not invisible

The enemies have to much health and if you don't want to change that either change the player speed or damage of bullets.

Fire doesn't seem to be working.
Text in the upper right is unreadable.
Would be good to allow arrow keys in addition to the WASD, or allow key mapping.

Credits & Info

2.74 / 5.00

May 30, 2020
6:01 PM EDT