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Prism Light

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7 Hidden Stars 5 Points

Collected 7 hidden stars.

Level 1 5 Points

Finished Level 1.

Level 10 5 Points

Finished Level 10.

Level 11 5 Points

Finished Level 11.

Level 12 5 Points

Finished Level 12.

Level 13 5 Points

Finished Level 13.

Level 14 5 Points

Finished Level 14.

Level 15 5 Points

Finished Level 15.

Level 16 5 Points

Finished Level 16.

Level 17 5 Points

Finished Level 17.

Level 2 5 Points

Finished Level 2.

Level 3 5 Points

Finished Level 3.

Level 4 5 Points

Finished Level 4.

Level 5 5 Points

Finished Level 5.

Level 6 5 Points

Finished Level 6.

Level 7 5 Points

Finished Level 7.

Level 8 5 Points

Finished Level 8.

Level 9 5 Points

Finished Level 9.

14 Hidden Stars. 10 Points

Collected 14 hidden stars.

Level 18 10 Points

Finished Level 18.

Level 19 10 Points

Finished Level 19.

Level 20 10 Points

Finished Level 20.

Level 21 10 Points

Finished Level 21.

Level 22 10 Points

Finished Level 22.

Level 23 10 Points

Finished Level 23.

Level 24 10 Points

Finished Level 24.

Level 25 10 Points

Finished Level 25.

Level 26 10 Points

Finished Level 26.

Level 27 10 Points

Finished Level 27.

Level 28 10 Points

Finished Level 28.

Level 29 10 Points

Finished Level 29.

Level 30 10 Points

Finished Level 30.

Level 31 10 Points

Finished Level 31.

Level 32 10 Points

Finished Level 32.

Level 33 10 Points

Finished Level 33.

Level 34 10 Points

Finished Level 34.

21 Hidden Stars. 25 Points

Collected 21 hidden stars.

28 Hidden Stars. 25 Points

Collected 28 hidden stars.

Level 35 25 Points

Finished Level 35.

35 Hidden Stars. 50 Points

Collected 35 hidden stars.

Perfect 100 Points

Completed 100% of the game.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

** Best played using Google Chrome in full screen.

‚ÄčA colorful, mouse - maze game where you control a light. Absorb the colors, avoid walls and traps and collect all shards in 35 levels. Can you also find all the hidden stars each level?

This is a remake of a game that I have made in Game Maker from 2011.

*** If some medals aren't working at the moment, you may restart the game. When the menu is shown, medals should be pushed to your account depending on which parts are done. Your progress will be automatically saved every end of level.

**** Seems there's a problem with Unity WebGL when it comes to save data :( Will improve on the next game, because if I'll update this it will wipe all your progress. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Mouse-reflex games suck, and I didn't like this one, despite good execution. Also, I hated collecting hidden stars, given the speed of the blocks, and levels 23 and 24 have neigh impossible placement of the stars, which alone deserves 0 rating. The game itself is not bad, it's actually 5/5 game, it's just that I hate it personally. I wish it wasn't so anal about the space. It's very hard to be precise with the mouse
It's probably too late to ask for making the later levels slightly slower

The medal checker doesn't work. I still have no medals for levels 28 and 29, even if I've beaten them twice. And I've restarted many many times. I had to clear the cache and start from scratch in order to get the medals.

And wayyyy too many levels. 20 levels would be enough. Beating 35 levels is a fucking chore

Difficulty level really jumps after the 18th here! Until then it was going so well... love the idea though, how central a part the visuals are, and the variety/challenge builds as you go... solid game but: difficulty high.


Awesome graphics!

if you move fast toward a wall you ca clip through it

Damn, what a nice challenge that has been!

Whilst the idea of your game, it being a cursor maze, isn't really that innovative or new, you freshened it up visually and difficulty-wise that made me keep going and going. The color scheme used in contrast to the black and gray background gives your game a very modern, sleek and "fast" look, which fits the game in its mechanics very nicely (I want to mention here that the background can lead to some distortion in one's own vision when looking away from the monitor). Gameplay wise your game functions very well and I have not encountered a single flaw.

However, what has led to quite some frustration was the placement of some stars, or should I say two stars. Level 23 and 24 would not have been so hard, had it not been for the bonus star. Finding a proper strategy took me longer than I'd like to admit. Despite the frustration, I enjoyed the rest of the levels and the challenges they provided. Due to spicing up the game mechanics (i.e. implementing "safe zones" and encountering different types of turrets and/or lasers), Prism Light's levels didn't feel too repetitive and beating them felt like an accomplishment every time. The game delivers a learning curve one slowly masters throughout the 35 stages.

To sum it all up: Prism Light is a very appealing looking maze game which offers a colorful assortment of challenges and puzzles. Another bonus point in my book are the medals, which come up to a nice sum when completing the game 100%.
Well done, keep working on more games!

Credits & Info

3.85 / 5.00

May 30, 2020
4:00 AM EDT
  • Unity