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Made over the course of four months. This is my first finished game.

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Very well-made game. The variety of puzzles is great, and the puzzles themselves are impressively tricky! Usually these types of games can be brute-forced with enough trial and error, but the puzzles you designed require a good deal of strategy to be beaten, and leave you deadlocked if you just blindly guess. And other than Maze, Gridlock, and maybe SameGame, I haven't seen these kinds of puzzles before, so this game was a fresh experience.

This isn't even including the generated puzzles! And the level editor, and the multiplayer mode...there's quite a lot of content here! And the whole experience is extremely polished. It's clear a lot of effort went into this.

The music player was also a great touch. I hope you plan on including it in your future games, because it's a handy tool to have!

Overall, fantastic job!

The levels really are puzzling! On Pipe mode LVL 6 is something I can't beat, but the rest is kinda beatable.

I love the way you save levels!

(The '.beamlevel' file extension doesn't determine the file type, so the file type is obviously a plain text document. I love the logic you use there!)

EDIT: I go to the editor, I look in the 'Sets' tab under 'Load' and this is what I get in BIG letters:
EDIT: Not Available

This is a decent game. The only problems I have with this game are that there are very sharp difficulty spikes and while somewhat helpful, the hints are vague,

Good game. The set puzzles are well thought out and increase nicely in difficulty, although I'd have liked more set levels. In infinity mode it would be nice if the puzzles gradually got harder. I was amused by the different levels of hints :-) although actually the puzzles and controls are easy enough to figure out without them.

Nice game!
However, I found a small bug: if you're playing infinity mod and you're selecting level hint, the game crashes :)