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Morrigan's private chamber H scene

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great 2.5d animation brother

Not sure why the ratings are so low on your stuff dude, i think you got a real talent for the 2.5D stuff.

aemowne responds:

It is low? I thought it was normal haha. Guess it means I gotta improve more!

I gotta say, I've seen a lot of artist with these types of styles, but yours is different and amazing props for your own style and digital art! and it just keeps getting better and better each animation you post! Love it! Keep it up <3

aemowne responds:

It's a pleasure you think so! Personaly i think both art and animation is good, but can be better!

Woah nice! it's been so long since we got Morrigan Aensland sexy animations! "More"rigan <3

aemowne responds:

Nice puns! Thanks!

Great work as always! I agree with crossbones though about the multiple positions and speed to have a better flow or progression for the video.

aemowne responds:

Hey return! Glad to see you here! Your hot take has been noted. Read my response yet?