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Mr Greed

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Author Comments

Can you beat all the 15 levels that this game brings?

Comment different things you would like to see in the game.

(game may take some time to load on the first time)


Arrow keys / move

z / flip gravity

Itch.io page --- (MostlyMadProductions)


Youtube account --- (Erro r? !)



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Why that theme music sounds horrifying.

What's there was relatively well-executed, controls were smooth and graphics/music worked. Would have been good if there had been some kind of ending?

Level design was the biggest weak point. It looked like "change one thing at a time" so it got repetitive and lacked new challenges. As someone else said, another mechanic would have helped spice things up a bit, could you have incorporated a puzzle element with switches for example? But you could probably have done more with the mechanics you had already if you thought a bit more carefully about the challenge you wanted to pose to the player in each level.


This type of gravity flip concept has been done many many times before and is definitely not unique, however the execution and art style is okay. I would work on better level design and not make it so repetitive and boring. Also having more than one mechanic wouldn't hurt. Overall okay game but defiantly could use some more work.

I like the game! good concept and good execution!, and the artwork really fits the platformer!