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Love Aine - Ep. 2 beta

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Author Comments

I am searching for english native speakers help me correct all the spellings.

If you want to contribute send me a PM!

Support the game development and have Access to Download Version and Premium Content at Patreon:


The game is in constant development and always free, I put a lot of time and effort on this project, so consider support it, so I can keep working on it!

Players has been doing videos about the game. If you did a stream or video about the game send me a PM and I'll feature it here:

Yio Senpai


NEW PATCH: 0.2.7


- Changed Natalia's Password concept that led to a misinterpretation.

- Added a new cutscene dialogue when you access the computer.

- Added Video Quality option.

- Added Credits with Patreons Supports.

- Game System improved

- Game Project Clean Up and Optimizations

- Some Bugfixes

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The game has a lot of potential. Models are great at least during sex scenes. Some improvement would be nice outside them.

But the episodes are super short. You should include more dialog or adventure between the scenes. It would improve it as a game immensely.

Also an option to review the sex scenes. ;)

This is a nice game. It's super short, though.
Bug: if you "quit" and go back to the main menu, then start a new game, your cursor does not properly bind to the app and you can't interact with anything other than menus.

For those trying to figure out the password and having a hard time of it:

using Python, do the following (replace the numbers I have with the numbers YOU have on those books, they are unique per playthrough, apparently. Also I didn't replay so I don't know if the book names are random.):

>>>listbooks = ['hamlet 5', 'lolita 6', 'fifty shades of grey 6', 'divine comedy 7', 'gullivers travels 4', 'hannibal 7', 'great gatsby 1', 'moby dick 3']



['divine comedy 7', 'fifty shades of grey 6', 'great gatsby 1', 'gullivers travels 4', 'hamlet 5', 'hannibal 7', 'lolita 6', 'moby dick 3']

The password for me was: 76145763.
You're welcome.

SexHot responds:

Hey there thank you for you feedback.
At what moment you quited the game when that bug happened?

i did just the numbers, i did just the letters, i did both. how the fuck do figure out the password? and just make it the same every time so returning players can get to what they want.

SexHot responds:

The password has been verified, it is working, you did something wrong.

Again, amazing game, dunno why everyone's whining about the password, it was easy to find. My only small complaint would be that there should be a way to skip to the new content, considering I had just finished ep. 1. Otherwise still a 5 star !

the password has changed from the orignal posts. it is still related to the books outside Natalia's room. it is still alphabetical, but the random book number. alphabetical numerical code.