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Guild Chronicles Demo Ver 0.4

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So I'll be honest... This is my Final Fantasy. This will determine if I made the right choice in following this path as a career. The emotional and mental fatigue was present. I believe I have a shot at making a RPG Maker Game that doesn't make your eyes roll to the back of your head. I want to enter the public view and put my neck on display. I hope you enjoy the demo! *Also I want many of you to try your best to find glitches and errors, send them to me thanks*

ABOUT GAME: This is my first game so I would like if comments were super honest! Episodes 1 & 2 will help you get use to the battle system that is based off of Shin Megami Tensei and Persona. How you use your equipment is VERY important, use "PHANTOM CORES" to level the playing field! This demo contains three episodes, enjoy with music made by myself and more! HAVE FUN!


Email: LordYltas@outlook.com

Twitter: LYltas@LeonWilder9

If you like the demo and wouldn't mind helping a poor guy to keep his 2011 Lenovo ThinkPad *Lol* alive consider donating through PayPal or commenting down below to help me make the game better in the future thanks.

If you are making your own RPG Maker game you should give these guys a look! ^_^


YanFly - http://www.yanfly.moe/wiki/Main_Page

 Aekashics - http://www.akashics.moe/










Jack Saintsworth



Victor Sant

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I'm not sure why people think slow text is a good thing? I see this in even professionally done games, so I can't really blame indi developers for thinking this is good, but I'd really like an option to disable this. It makes me start hating a game before the game even starts when I have dialog scrolling in slowly. Just put the whole message up please, I'll read it at my own pace.

Beyond that: the main character is put into battles repeatedly where he can be 1 shot by the enemies, and is the first 1 the enemies attack. Unavoidable deaths and a forced story line are never a good thing in a game.

The game should be challenging, but not punishing.
The main character is given money to buy supplies, but the "shopkeeper" only deals in mail, and the food court doesn't have food for sale.

The Merchant says he will sell the party stuff, but then leaves without trading.

Despite having the power to heal, the party is unable to help the 2 guys they come across.
Maybe allow the party to heal the one that is talking, so that he can join the party?
Even if he has a "curse" that causes him to keep losing health.

Overall: interesting story line, but frustrating execution.

Game runs smoothly, combat is quick and easy to understand, good story, would suggest having the opening dialogue with the quote to go a little faster. But I think you have great potential. Follow through with this and keep working hard!

LordYltas responds:

Thanks, it really means a lot! If you don't mind please recommend it to some friends it would really help me out!