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SchoolGirl Lopunny!--Short Loop Animation

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Loppu Want those Grades really bad

Grab le HIGHRES, LUBED, CREAMED, AND CLEAN Gifs at Either of These:



As you Can see my Powers has been Reduced to Short Animations now cuz Well, Shitty Computer, what Can I say lol. Need Money so i can get back to the Old Animation Process.

Lopunny is Voiced by LizzyWAFFLER - https://twitter.com/LizzyWaffler

Lucario is Voiced by Glo - https://twitter.com/GloracleTheDon

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I saw all those dipshits comments. Good on ya dude for making such good animations. If those guys cant appreciate it then they obviously dont deserve it. Keep making stuff like this dude

"I Said to the Pose I wanted to See that Bunny Puss. It's funny how everyone thinks this is a mistake hahahaha"

In response to your comment quoted above, if there's specific parts you want shown it's better to adjust the composition rather than the anatomy. Drastically changing human anatomy like breaking a pelvis to move the pussy into view can make it unappealing, ESPECIALLY if its pornography. So while it was your intention, it doesn't necessarily mean it's a good choice.

You have a lot of skill with animation, and I especially like the fluid effects, but I also agree with others when they say the horizontal movement is very odd. It doesn't follow the guy's upward thrust and is just overall distracting.

MurPLOXY responds:

You're agreeing with a pretty conservative view of preserving anatomy for Anatomy's Sake.

This is Porn, I literally want to fap when I see this. If you can't fap, then you're too obsessed with the anatomy and that's DEFINITELY why you're on this bandwagon. It's been four months, this Animation is still holding up and has not bothered me at all and I've been drawing Anatomy for 7 straight years. You're so hold up to your anatomy, that you're proposing a solution to make the Camera go Under the Table(Table's Transparent). What happens to the Bewb flapping then? What happens to her Face?? what happens to her BUTT. YOU WONT BE ABLE TO SEE IT.

ILLUSSION, apply it to your Animation Processes. Your Goal isn't REALISM when you're working on 2D ass Characters doing the PORK.

the 'Upward Thrust' youre talking about thrusts Upward and Forwards, when the body contacts the hips, it pushes it forward....HOW is this even a problem?? " BU-BU-BUT THE DICK N BALLS IS MOVING UP AND DOWN--"" WHO FCKNG CARES ABOUT THE DICK AND BALLS???? You Mofckers literally Worship Derpixon who draws the most Shit-Feet Ive ever seen. So Don't give me this Anatomy Bullshit, Get me on Top THEN you can start lecturing me about THE FCKN STANDARDS.

This is my last word on this matter. You Facken Nerds. But I also Love u. Remember This.

Imma NUT on my homework....uugggh

why is he moving horizontally when his dick and her pussy are on a vertical axis?

MurPLOXY responds:

It's like that so You can Eat Shit, no really!

Jesus everything is so violently fast haha. Well done as always tho