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How to Train your Demon [Futa X Futa]

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Many summon Laranja to sacrifice their very souls for the ultimate pleasure, but one witch has other ideas.


@MidnightDatura (Laranja and Lillith)

@MinteaVA (Cora)

Title card art by SOL_willROCKyou

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Very nice cock reveal! Laranja looked stunning at the reveal! We need to see Zhal'tsun fully!


It was good, but I really wanted to see that demon ram the witch

Zer0-3D responds:

haha aye that's fair, originally this was going to be a much shorter video but I liked the idea and extended it a bit. I had considered it but it also meant aspects of it would be a bit too similar to one of my upcoming scenes.

is this supposed the be a game :v

it's great but it clips a bit