Interstate Drifter 1999

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Find 50 bits 5 Points

Pick up the little green bits or bytes

Reach state A 5 Points

Get to the end of easy route

Find 100 bits 10 Points

Pick up the little green bits or bytes

Reach state B 10 Points

Get to the end of medium route

Win rival race A 10 Points

Beat the green car

Find 150 bits 25 Points

Pick up the little green bits or bytes

Find all flops 25 Points

In each level, there is one FLOP

Reach state C 25 Points

Get to the end of hard route

Win rival race B 25 Points

Beat the white car

Win rival race C 50 Points

Beat the grey car

Author Comments

>>enable 'desktop site' for mobile<<

control type 1: Arrow keys left / right for car pov steering

control type 2: WASD for screen pov steering

control type 3: Tap the left/right half of your mobile screen

ENTER = accept

SPACE = accept

H = horn

M = mute

Click/Touch interface buttons also works.

The ultimate version of this game will be released on Steam, you can wishlist it here:


If you have ideas or bug reports on Interstate Drifter, give me a PM.

Have fun!


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Love it! Going wishlist, thanks for a great game!

UltimoGames responds:

no problemo! I will try to make the 2000 version even better (wich it is not.. yet)

This is awesome! I love it.

this is amazing

Your Interstate drifter's series is on my top 3 favorites games at Newgrounds, equally with Tiny Heist and Sanguine 2.

I really like the creativity and originality in the games. There's a lot of details and each environment got a nice style. It contains plenty of diversity which encourage the player to pursue the game. The re-playability is very strong, there's a lot of way in which the player can upgrade his drifting skill (speedrun, take all the coins, try to go everywhere without touching a single coin, etc.).

Regarding the things that could be improved (in my opinion), I would say, for 1998, that D4 : oasis slightly look like E4 : glaze lake. For sure, they both get their own style, but I got the impression that they were more similar in comparison with the other levels. For 1999, I would say that the diablo boss is maybe too easy because it is easier to beat him than to beat the BMW.

So, i think that your interstate drifter's games are excellent. I will for sure play the ultimate 2000 version.

My bad for the grammar, english is not my first language.

UltimoGames responds:

That's good to hear!
At first I wanted to make ID2000 directly, but struggled with the production. So it got a bit of troublesome development. Then I made 'Foreign Frugglers' and took a year off Interstate Drifter. Now I picked it up again and decided to make a tiny version first, so... The creative process is like the game itself: many twists and turns :)
For the endboss, it is quite hard to make that car follow the road without falling off, so when I finally got them running it from begin to end, I was like.. Let it be! Maybe I can tweak them with an update someday. -Thanks!

This game is pretty good for what it is, kudos

Credits & Info

3.94 / 5.00

May 21, 2020
7:50 AM EDT
  • GameMaker Studio 1.4