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Switch Jump

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Author Comments

Switch jump is a 1bit puzzle platformer, made in pico-8.

This game was submission for the Full Moon Game Jam 2020, with the theme of: Duality.

Full Moon Game Jam page


Arrow keys - Move

X - switch colors

C - jump

Get in the door, to progress to the new stage. Avoid enemies, use bouncers and boosters.

Working on future update, follow me on one of my Social Media sites for progress!

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☕ Ko-fi link


? Instagram

? Itch.io

? Soundcloud

⌨ GitHub

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I do overall enjoy this. This is a great game jam submission. The graphics are cute and I really like your interpretation of duality. Very good on that part.

Some things I have noticed that you may consider
- Music and sound effects are absent
- When colliding with an enemy the level completely resets suddenly without transition. A transition, death animation, or game over screen would look much better.
- Some variation in the blocks and backgrounds can make the game feel more natural.

Again I know this is a game jam game, and I really think you did quite well on this, but I hope my feedback will help you.

Achie72 responds:

Music is absent because i'm really not good with it, and i just chose to spare people from the suffering. I'm just now trying to get into it, so in the future Soon™update.
Transition would be nice, i'm do know some nice tricks for it now, but i was lacking the knowledge back than, it's a nice idea to add.
With the variations i'm torn a bit, is i want the player to be able to get every speck of info on the fly in mere second, because some parts need it to progress. That's the reason for the absent of variety, i just wanted to keep it clean, minimal and consistent.
Thank you for your feedback!

It's a good little jam game, challenging but fun. No one has discussed how there's a cool Heaven/Hell motif to the graphics, where you're switching between angel and demon, and whichever realm you're in brings you into contact with the appropriate denizens. That's how I saw it, at least.

I just have a question about the last level... I'm not sure how I made it through the final door. Below the door is a switchable block, and below the block is an enemy. If you swap out the block before you reach the enemy, the enemy appears in your path and kills you. But if you try to swap out the block as you're approaching it, at the last second, you're still occupying the same spot as the enemy, who appears to kills you when you switch the block out. There would need to be a tiny gap between them to make it possible. Some combination of button pressing and timing got me through, but I still don't know how. What was your intention there?

EDIT: Thanks for the response, man!

Achie72 responds:

" That's how I saw it, at least."
That was my intention, so you read it right!

So the idea around the last jump is two-fold. One, it tries to use the old nes-era trick of being stupid hard instead of long. As i ran out of the mapsheet to add more maps i needed to prolong the game a bit, to make it feel more complete.
The other thing is, that the jump is totally doable because of two reasons. 1: A frame perfect input just let's you through normally as the player movement is position is updated first and the collision is check a bit later. 2: there is also a bit of a "cheat" in the game if you move upward in a switchable block. If you switch on a block, in which you are at a specific position already, then the code just pops you right onto the top of the block (this is due to the upward collision check and just the general how i handle the on-off blocks). So basically you have like 2-3 frames in which you can make the jump from the 30.
It's hard and unfair, but as it is the last stage i wanted to sneak this in. Also once you do that jump, it feels really cool imo.

Thank you for your feedback!

At first it it basically seems like a time fcuk copy cat (mostly due to the dimension/color shifting while the level layout stays the same) but it runs off and does its own take with the concept, instead of platforming it slowly becomes more of a fast reaction based game with switching colors at the precise moments and it starts to get your blood boiling very fast. Only complaints i have is that it isnt visually appealing (though i get the style its going for so im not gonna pick the game off for it), no music or sound at all? which just makes the game feel lifeless a little bit, and the BS places for some of these enemies, especially the final level. other than that its a good concept/game [Right as im writing this, i saw this was made for a game jame and that makes a bit more sense why there isnt sound or music for the most part]

in general make some more levels for the game!!! (along with sounds/music but ye)

Achie72 responds:

I'm working on future updates. The problem with the map size is that i cannot fit more into the base mapsheet of PICO-8, but i created a method to store not this 7 but almost 50! levels.

Music is a big weakness of me, but gonna work on that as well! Enemy placing is the difficulty in this, so yeah, i made some bullshit, to make it harder a bit. The update plays with much more stuff, so if you feel like you can follow me on one of my social sites (Twitter/Insta) there are progress bits on it, and on Itch.io as well.

Not sure if i can post blogs and such on newgrounds, i'm pretty much new to this platform.

Could use some sounds/music, but I like it!

Achie72 responds:

Thank you so much! I'm working on future updates, but music was always a weak side of me, so i choose to miss it when i created it for the jam!

Credits & Info

3.18 / 5.00

May 21, 2020
3:00 AM EDT