Zelda X Link Blowjob Animation

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The council of deviancy in my brain agrees that without a doubt, this is the hookup my friends who engage in the adventures of the Triforce, were waiting for.

Why do her ears flinch like a dog?

I think I know why it looks derpy. The shape of her eyes (or eyeliner) seems to make it slant inward toward the nose in a slightly exaggerated manner. Gives it a derpy look when u stare too hard. Also, Link's dick's girth seems to suddenly shrink at the base, which is weird.

Certedia responds:

The dick girth thing is definitely an issue, the model doesn't like being bent upwards, I''ll probably use a different one in the future.
Regarding her face, that's just how her eyes are shaped, I was never big on the games so I can't really tell you how accurate that is. Fluttershy's model has a similar eye shape. So if I am getting your complaint right, there's not really anything I can do about it, though it may be exaggerated by how I squint her eyes as the facial options for these models are a bit weird.

maybe im just to use to your pony stuff but her face looks really derpy and its turning me off big time. but it can be improved so for now 2 and a half stars for effort.

Certedia responds:

How's it derpy?

The hell is this? No ponies? What blasphemy have you wrought?!

Certedia responds:

Humanoids ew