Untamia's Fantasy

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Need More help? Look through the Untamia Item and Monster Compendium if you need more details regarding items and monsters! (There's even some hints too! :D)


WASD/Arrow Keys - Movement

K/Z - Select/Sword Attack (When Sword is Equipped)

L/X- Back/Use Equipped Side Item

Enter - Swap through Side items

Shift - Save and Quit

F - Fullscreen Mode


Untamia's Fantasy is a bite-sized open world adventure game! You take control of Canvas, a boy born from a patch of flowers, who is tasked in defeating an ancient evil that unleashed havoc upon the land many years ago. Explore the unforgiving land in search of hints and treasure in order to defeat the mysterious evil... Maltojo.

Dev Notes/History

Untamia's Fantasy has been a labor of love for the past year. I wanted to make a game that was heavily inspired by the cryptic and free nature of the first Zelda game mixed in with my childhood memories of exploring the woods in small-town Ohio, along with using Hispanic culture as the basis of a lot of items, monsters, and lore.


Although I love Newgrounds with all my heart and I support you playing games here, if you want to 100% make sure that your save file is safe then download Untamia here. Your save has the possibility of being wiped by your default browser :/

Levi's Twitter - Developer/Designer/Artist

Lewmoth's Twitter - Music


Version 1.0.3 (Dated : 5/20/20)


-Z & X can now be used along with K & L 

-Fullscreen can be activated by pressing the F key (Implemented for browser players)

Misc. fixes

-Pozole now cost 50 Tamyas (Orignally 67) 

-Money & Heart drops have been increased

-Spelling errors have been corrected

-Pitchurn's and Blubholder's health has been lowered

Version 1.0.4 (Dated : 5/20/20)

Bug fixes

-Camera system reworked, glitch where camera would keep moving when it shouldn't should be patched.

-Canvas' sword is now more precise (Moving left and right uses the same animation but mirrored, this mirrored state would not be reset upon

starting a new animation, leading to the sword coming from a different position.)

Version 1.0.5 (Dated : 5/20/20)

Misc. fixes

-Price of the bomb bag and big wallet have been reduced in price (Now are both worth 70 Tamyas)

Bug fixes

-Buying items to fast one after another could bring your Tamyas count in the negatives, this bug has been removed.

-Chests could not be opened with the Z button, this bug has been removed.

-Running into dead enemies would still deal damage to Canvas, this bug has been removed.

Version 1.0.8 (Dated : 5/21/20)


-The 'Milagro charm' artifact now has the added benefit to heal you back to full health upon restarting after death.

Gen. Fixes

-Tweaks of difficulty have been made to Gullet-Pond Temple. (Made a bit more easier)

-Tweaks of difficulty have been made to the Grotto of Malice. (Made a bit harder)

-Hud Icon for having the bomb upgrade has been changed.

-A sometimes unavoidable murker enemy in the overworld has been removed.

-The README file has been formatted to me more understandable, hope you like it :)

Bug Fixes

-You can no longer purchase either the bomb or wallet upgrade multiple times on the same save.

-I have heard your reports about text boxes softlocking the game. I am trying my best to fix the bug but it is very unpredictable when

it strikes, changes have been made to the text system but this is not a 100% surefire fix. The text system may be subject to change.

Version 1.1.0 (Dated : 5/22/20)


-Julian Creurz and @Wolod have been added to the credits under special thanks :)

Misc. Fixes

-The camera system has been reworked in order to work better with different refresh rates (Should work with 60Hz and above, but 60Hz will grant the best experience.)

Bug Fixes

-The Camera going out of bounds has been patched (This bug would most notably occur in the Grotto of Malice)

-The sound when healed by the Milagro Charm now plays correctly.

Version 1.1.1 (Dated 5/22/20)

Bug Fixes

-Pitchurn's A.I has been tweaked (Should keep this boss from going out of bounds during a fight.)

Version 1.1.2 (Dated 5/23/20)

Misc. Fixes

-You can no longer buy the mortar in the same run multiple times.

-A.I Tweaks to the 'Gullets' and 'Bonelow' enemies

Bug Fixes

-The Camera going out of bounds has been patched, again... But this time it actually is patched!

-When saving in the Grotto of malice the music wouldn't stop playing until entering the start screen, this has been patched.

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I love the Zelda feel. This should be a 5-star game. But if you try to buy something you don't have enough money for, the game freezes. If you try to load a game, the game freezes. Makes it hard to play and enjoy.

I can tell the game is very Zelda inspired (Link's Awakening in particular) and that's okay in my book. Zelda clones are fine as long as you nail the mystery aspect, which it appears you did. The game doesn't really need to tell you what to do, it leaves the exploration and discovery up to the gamer's curiosity and wit, like the old days. Fine job on the pixel art, music and sound effects, too. It's a charming call back to the Game Boy era. I do think more challenge and design could go into the combat, though. I recommend studying the enemies in A Link to the Past. For example: Some enemies in that game have a unique weight to them and might require extra effort or the environment around them to defeat them. I recommend making the pits vulnerable for the player and the enemies to fall in, too, rather than them being barriers. It would make the environments more treacherous and add to those intuitive methods of defeating baddies. Hope these ideas help and best of luck. I see this game going places. Don't let the mean-spirited, destructive reviews you're getting prevent that. You deserve helpful feedback!

Its just wandering around killing stuff with no clue what to do or where to go

man that screen scroll clitched me out everytime i tried to play, i was really excited to play this also

LeviRamirez responds:

The screen scroll glitch can usually be solved by lowering your refresh rate to 60Hz, It's not guaranteed but it has helped for other people

major bug after saving in the grotto of malice. Every time I enter the cave, all I get is a blank screen with music on. Besides that, great game

Credits & Info

3.83 / 5.00

May 20, 2020
12:00 AM EDT