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Buddy Hill Racing

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 Buddy Hill Racing is addictive physics based driving game! And it's free! Get 10 coins and buy you more fuel on the way.

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You had good feedback from others. The graphics and sound are good, and I liked the crazy map. For PC/laptop players you ought to make it clear what keys work for buying fuel etc. Since you can't see traps in advance you don't know whether to go fast or slow which means it feels unfair when you lose. And starting from the beginning again is no fun. Anyway, what's to beat here? Just your own personal high score? That's boring. It would be better to have the feeling of racing against competitors in some way, though the scenery interaction gameplay would be difficult with this. A well-executed version of this kind of game on Newgrounds which has a far more exciting and replayable feel is Dakar Racing - that's not a faultless game either, but I wonder if you could take some of its plus points and apply it it to make this more interesting.

Really need to be able to see further ahead.
Too many "traps" require you to be going fast or slow to get past them, but you don't know until you hit them, and then all you can do is "remember that" and start again from the beginning.
The game ensures a lot of failure, and is more about remembering the course than playing smart, or even reflexes.

For the most part: it was done pretty well, but being sent back to the start repeatedly, with no strategy that could prevent it, made it not very fun in short order.

It works, you've got decent graphics, and pretty smooth game play at a good speed, but this game could use some more development time.

Keep at it!


Not really a "physics" racing game, is it? Definitely "fuel management" is more accurate.

Which might work if there were checkpoints. As it is, restarting doesn't encourage play.

Also, if the player is coasting towards a fuel can, the gigantic fuel gauge interferes.

That shouldn't happen. You get 1 1/2 stars because the graphics & sound are good.

Credits & Info

2.80 / 5.00

May 19, 2020
12:21 PM EDT