Psycho Essence #6 Clothes make the man

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On the ship of the Textile Dynasty, a fashion show is taking place. The meeting becomes a debacle. Without the needed informations, our protagonists return to their U-ship and leave. They come to mind, that they haven´t checked the B-side of the cassette yet. Indeed, it contains a contact to the Bluewhale Cockroach, albeit he only wants to trade the informations for Neoslut´s soul. Meanwhile the U-ship arrives at Hurdelhabadan, on one of its versions the Oucshrivland is located. There is Lamaduil telepathically receiving report by Neoslut and discusses the further proceeding with the council of Nulln. The U-ship of the Adipositron Galaxy fuses with the U-ship of the Oucshrivland, which is parking on the lake. The timelines, which were splintered by Adipositron´s flatulence, are beginning to assemble again.


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I hate to throw around the word "genius", but you are a creative genius. I simply cannot use another way to describe your unique approach to writing, story-telling, and most of all, animation. I do not understand how a person like you is not world-famous for your creations. It is a horrifying thought that such talent is under-appreciated for some reason.

Schuschinus responds:

Thanks! It´s often said, story is the central thing and the visuals should only serve the story. I do exactly the opposite. I have ideas for visuals and crazy concepts, then use story to lead from one effects shot to the next with very flexible dream-logic. When I start making a film, I have no idea, how it´s going to end. Since it takes so much time to make them, I have time to think about it and often adapt new ideas in the process.

Wow crazy

Now this was kind of crazy and had some nice intense scenes you really have some talents and pushed some effects and made each scene an intense one and for that I thank you so awsome job indeed.

no this was fantastic


Schuschinus responds:

Thanks! You are welcome.

Holy fuck that was amazing! oi, top tier, aces, the mixed media aspect made this even beyond~ I'm an instant fan~ following your progresssssiionnnn!

le epic

This a HUGE step Up from your previous work. the Mix of 2D and 3D was very well. it was crazy in all the right ways.

It left so many questions I want answered but in a good way

Schuschinus responds:

Thank you!