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Ballad's Quest

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Author Comments

This is a game I made for GeoffNET's birthday in 2014 featuring his Powerpuff Girls fan character, Ballad.


Arrow keys - Move

Z - Jump

R - Restart room

Music's from Monopoly (Windows 95) and Pac-Worlds, a Pac-Man fangame from the early 2000s.

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half a star cause i think it's really nice that you made a game for your friend! jackrabbit616 covered pretty much everything i was going to say, but i'm a little confused—if ballad is a powerpuff girl, why doesn't she fly?

It is well-made game. I'm motivated until level 38.. too many death ;(

Decent idea, not great execution unfortunately. Minor gripe first: there's a bit of a visual disconnect between certain elements that look really good (the spikes, Ballad herself, etc.) and other elements that don't (most of the floors, the backgrounds). I don't want to be too negative on the visuals though; it looks like Ballad is a PPG OC, and you *nailed* the style - definite kudos for that!! Her idle animations are great too.

My big gripe, though, is the handling. This doesn't control *nearly* well enough for the types of things that crop up in the early 30s (level-wise). I've noticed particular problems with the wall jump (she'll get stuck or fall too early almost every time) but there are tons of areas where the controls need improving. The overall "feel" could use work too - everything is very fast, but IMO the best platformers move at a slightly more deliberate pace. Better pacing would probably help with the poor handling too, since you'd get more than a fraction of a second to account for whatever went wrong and change course to fix it.

You may also want to take a look at the boundaries of the rooms. It's very, very easy to fall out of bounds in areas where you shouldn't really be able to *get* out of bounds. An invisible wall around the play area would go a long way.

EDIT: Those eyeball things on level 40 NEED to be fixed. It's impossible to predict how long after appearing they'll shoot their first projectile which means it's impossible to succeed in that level with skill - luck needs to be on your side or you'll get stuck in a too-tight corridor with no viable escape route. It's incredibly frustrating to get near the end of a level only to die because of something you couldn't predict or respond to. The bad handling comes into play here too - arbitrary-to-the-point-of-random difficulty and inconsistent control responses do NOT mix.

There's a lot that's working really well here, so take my mostly negative review with a grain of salt - I still enjoyed it enough to play more than 30 levels!

Oh Ok,Cool

Credits & Info

3.18 / 5.00

May 15, 2020
5:36 PM EDT