Your Insanity(re-release)

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Why not? (Re-released with error corrections.)


That was utterly random

What on earth was that about? The author must be either a mental patient or was on some sort of LSD trip, but anyway, it turned out great. I think the best bit was the golf ball landing on the green, that was totally unexpected. You'll see what I mean if you haven't seen it already. Nice art, great idea. Sadly, the sound isn't up to much as the level rises and falls making me have to adjust my speakers, but great otherwise. Well done!

Monty Python Flash. As good as that sounds

This might as well of been on Flying Circus is was so good, just like Terry Gilliam from Monty Python, the author (Roy) seems to have a talent of putting stuff together and making it work, that means terrible but funny animation that leads from one thing to the next very cleverly.
It's good, but the sound is god damn awful, there's no music, and at times there's just an awkward pause between jokes.
Good, but not quite Monty Python quality...


very funny. reminded me of the montey python cartoony parts.

Hiliariously twisted!

Being the Python fan that I am, I thought this movie was great! It reminded me a lot of some of the cutscenes in "Holy Grail". I was laughing the whole time! Keep up the good stuff!

Bad graphics,but who cares!?

The graphics suck,but it's so funny I forget about it! Nice job!

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3.31 / 5.00

Nov 6, 2000
11:01 PM EST
Comedy - Original