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Resident Evil Ebola 2

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Flashback 10 Points

Clear the prologue

Relentless Tyrant 10 Points

Escape the mighty Tyrant !

1126 25 Points

Find Security Card Level 2

Stranger Things 25 Points

Do business with the Merchant

Trigger Happy 25 Points

Use up all the ammo in the dual SMG's

FMJ 50 Points

Purchase the Full Metal Jacket upgrade

Lupton's Report 50 Points

Find Doctor Lupton's second report

Caterkiller 100 Points

Exterminate the genetically modified caterpillar

Chapter 2 100 Points

Complete Chapter 2

No Zombie 100 Points

Dispatch every creature you come across

Author Comments

The nightmare continues as you take control of S.T.A.R.S member Trina, and follow her through the aftermath of her deadly encounter with the Tyrant !

PART 2 IS FINALLY HERE ! After my first outing and your awesome reception I knew eventually I would come back with part 2 and here it is ! Thank the creation of this to yet another official Resident Evil mainline release, in the form of the RE 2 and 3 Remake.

Series Synopsis - What starts out to be a series of bizarre murder cases, soon shapes out to be an overwhelming web of mysteries surrounding the emergence of a new zombie outbreak. Survive the encounters with genetically modified zombies and B.O.W's, Investigate the mysteries & puzzles of the mansion. And stay alive any way possible !

*Don’t underestimate your melee weapon, can be the deadliest weapon in your arsenal without even knowing it.


Interact with the Merchant to purchase weapon upgrades and ammo !


Arrow Keys - Move around

S - Fire Primary Weapon

D - Fire Secondary Weapon ( When Acquired )

A - Melee Baton

F - First Aid Spray

ENTER - Open Doors / Interact with Environment

SPACE - Open Inventory

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ando cashondo

I actually can't wait for chapter 3

After Sonic Adventure X Episode 3, here we are. Despite your message in which you "commissioned" a review, I was doubting whether I should bother to play the sequel to a game I shared my opinion on 4 years ago.

Like even if way back then I said I was looking forward to the next chapter, that was, well, WAY back then and if I recall correctly the first chapter was very basic as well, nothing really stood out to me.

Anyhoo this is the now and since I did SAXEP3, I figured I might as well do this consecutively.

Story-wise, this was definitely easier to follow than your 2019 submission. Then again this IS Resident Evil inspired so...'nuff said.

I like how you put in some "events" like the hazmat guy behind the window, the zombies I TOTALLY DID NOT SEE COMING (cough cough) after checking the camera feed on the computer as well as Derek (or was it Darren?) getting eaten by the B.O.W. Eel which immediately flowed into a boss battle.

Needless to say it's important your individual installments have some memorable moments, especially if you're going with horror (even if it's not scary, it's the spirit that counts).

Gotta say isn't it convenient an organisation like Umbrella which is all about bio-terrorism and covering it up has a map with the general locations of ALL THEIR FACILITIES on the back of a random note even if said note is supposedly for contracted facility checkers?

The voice acting was pretty sub-par with lines mostly being spoken silently and little to no intonation. It didn't take me "out of it" nor was I bothered by it even if it had but still, they all be sounding pretty chill despite living in a world and being in a situation where zombies are real.

Especially Darren/Derek, oh boy, was he...chill for a lack of a better word off the top of my head compared to the rest of the cast.

Gameplay wise I have little to say but here goes :

- I believe you could have had Enter serve for checking your inventory as well when not near a door or interactable object instead of an extra button in the form of Space.

- I wish bullets would actually impact enemies instead of flying through them all the time, regardless whether it does damage or not (which I know it does).

- Why is it that when you fight the Eel, you can only stab it once when it surfaces even if you do a full knife animation multiple times? Same for shooting, only one bullet seems to register per "cycle".

- It should be made clear in-game how exactly you acquire points for use with the Merchant. Sure I quickly figured out you get one per enemy you floor but still a heads-up would have been nice.

Heck perhaps you could have gotten points through other means as well by e.g. finding secrets, saving survivors or you can get more points based on how you dispatch a foe (gun/melee/no damage...). Something to look into for the future?

- So there is the Merchant but no "hidden achievement" or something for killing him, which you cannot do sadly? Shame on you Mr. Mike!

I jest (obviously) but that DOES lead me to express my desire that in future projects, be it for RE Ebola, SAX or anything else involving medals, you have some hidden ones which would offer potential replay value as well as incentive the player to experiment doing different things ("get creative" as you might say).

Oh and perhaps, for this series specifically, if there is gonna be more Mr. X, you could use ACTUAL Mr. X sprites instead of SF3 Q's? I know they are out there, if MUGEN is anything to go by.

Is there a reason that everything you do as a publisher is so "goddamn short"?

Finally, since you DID mention the 'rona in the first report (was half hoping the sequel would be called RE Corona instead of Ebola EP2), I fully expect a bat-like B.O.W. / "Corona Tyrant" (or both!) of some sorts in Episode 3, whenever it may come out after 4-6 years. ;D

MetaMike responds:

I seriously considered calling this game resident evil covid 19 as the attention grabber cause that was the point of Ebola 4 years ago.. I think I should’ve but I wanted people to recognize this being a sequel I guess, missed opportunity?? I appreciate the deep dive as always.

I like the idea of killing the merchant but I feel too many people would do it on accident and be screwed haha. As for secrets I know a lot more can be done, for the point system I do plan on the next installment having far more ways of getting currency to buy goods. I want to introduce hidden coins or objects to sell to the merchant because it really was bare bones basic this time around. The good thing is a lot of the next episode is already done due to most of it being apart of episode 1 but having to be cut for size issues. This episode with Trina being the lead was entirely something I came up with this year with scenes I had to just create and didn’t have stored away in the vault like many others I have.

For the length of the game I feel the average attention span these days can’t withstand an experience like part 1, that game on average was about half an hour and although most people ( especially fans of resident evil ) would appreciate a game that long, I think a fair amount of people check out early on. I opted for a smaller, easier digestible run time.

But yes as always I’m taking all of this into consideration for the next installment! Thanks man

like corona-virus

This game is amazing,the fact that you spent so much time on resident evil is amazing

Credits & Info

3.70 / 5.00

May 14, 2020
7:30 PM EDT
  • Daily 3rd Place May 16, 2020