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Resident Evil Ebola 2

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Flashback 10 Points

Clear the prologue

Relentless Tyrant 10 Points

Escape the mighty Tyrant !

1126 25 Points

Find Security Card Level 2

Stranger Things 25 Points

Do business with the Merchant

Trigger Happy 25 Points

Use up all the ammo in the dual SMG's

FMJ 50 Points

Purchase the Full Metal Jacket upgrade

Lupton's Report 50 Points

Find Doctor Lupton's second report

Caterkiller 100 Points

Exterminate the genetically modified caterpillar

Chapter 2 100 Points

Complete Chapter 2

No Zombie 100 Points

Dispatch every creature you come across

Author Comments

PART 3 - Resident Evil Ebola 3 (newgrounds.com)

The nightmare continues as you take control of S.T.A.R.S member Trina, and follow her through the aftermath of her deadly encounter with the Tyrant !

PART 2 IS FINALLY HERE ! After my first outing and your awesome reception I knew eventually I would come back with part 2 and here it is ! Thank the creation of this to yet another official Resident Evil mainline release, in the form of the RE 2 and 3 Remake.

-Don’t underestimate your melee weapon, can be the deadliest weapon in your arsenal without even knowing it.

*Removed the Save Feature from Ep.1 as I feel most people might have skipped over the Typewriter completely and would have massive set backs if they died. I also felt it might've slowed down the gameplay a bit too much.


Interact with the Merchant to purchase weapon upgrades and ammo !


Arrow Keys - Move around

S - Fire Primary Weapon

D - Fire Secondary Weapon ( When Acquired )

A - Melee Baton

F - First Aid Spray

ENTER - Open Doors / Interact with Environment

SPACE - Open Inventory

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the sound when you die tho

I didn't hit any bugs.
Had even more fun with this one
again i so happy I found this series
The only weapon I need is a knife pffft baton

This has to have 1 more an ending persay
or you will be made into a giant piece of tofu

MetaMike responds:

Just need to put some finishing touches on Part 3 and it'll be out soon!

It was fun up until the flashback and everything stopped working

is that a stranger things refrence *stranger things theme intenseifes*

Pretty cool! I disliked the lack of weapon feel though.