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Desert Expanse

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This is a tower defense game where your land where you build towers is what is in need of defending. originally made for mini jam 53.

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So at some point you end stuck with 756 coins and the game will not allow you to continue. I tried twice, same result.

Check your window size settings in Newgrounds ASAP! The game is getting cropped and elements, such as how to play, are not accessible!

Edit: Visuals are not very appealing as most of them are barely viewable due to the camera angle. How-to is more of a story than instructions on how to play; it wasn't clear that the succulent was effectively mandatory to the success of the game. Garden damage is not clear, relic is a square, which is odd for something important. Several waves had no income generated, which did not feel rewarding. Am I aiming for a particular goal? Prickly pear only seemed to shoot upwards regardless of enemy position...

Edit: I see your response. You shouldn't have to tell me; your game should tell me this (or at least hint at it / provide financial room to learn and experiment).

MuskokaS responds:

the succulent is not needed to beat the game just a good option especially for later levels, I even once beat the game with only grass, The relic changes as you upgrade it, I found through play-testing that people were quick to understand how to play, hiding garden health was a design choice, and the prickly pears favor shooting up but I tried to recreate what you talked about and they still aim at the closest enemy, I'll continue to try and find why you have this, income goes up as you play.