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CYY - Study Habits V2.0

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EDIT: Daily 6th! Wish it was Daily 5th, but Foamy uploaded that day as well barely edging me out. Totally not salty about it, but thanks all the same!

The Crew asked Vic and Hannah to help study for the test. I'm sure it will go well.

Stalk these Beautiful people that helped this thing come together.

We have a Discord if you want to hang out and chat with staff if this some how interests you.

Authors Notes:

Well this one took 2 years to make. Oops.

Well to be fair and honest, This was a lot of firsts for me. It was the first cartoon made in Toonboom. And I'm probably not going to use it again. Too much money, too limiting on the cheaper end, and ran into some issues, which is why it came out with some odd choices. (The random spotlight was due to Toonboom glitching a frame beyond repair)

This was my longest cartoon to date. It was a pain to trudge through. Mainly because the script was a bit dated and old, the staging was bad, and the Designs didn't age as well as I liked. But hey, already spent plenty of money on this short with all the Commissions and programs subscriptions, so might as well finish it.

I'm going to be transitioning to a much cheaper, and more traditional style for the next one. I Hope that I can get it done at a better and quicker pace and will be the true debut of this series. Though this one was suppose to do that. I guess it's a stop gap if anything.

And yes this is part of a New Canon. The old 3 dated and quite frankly cringy shorts are part of the [β] series. That was me trying to get the hang of Frame by Frame and writing. But with a few more years of practice and art, I hope the next one will be better looking.

Anyway, Lot of work went into this, it's not the prettiest, but we gave it our all. I hope you guys can get some kick out of it!

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Need subtitles to conuter audio issues, I know took two year to make i like it

Silverelick responds:

Honestly i can probably talk to Afro and see about sending him the files and see if he can do an updated version.

XD This was great, everyone did a great job! keep it up!

Welp ... I'm sure Newgrounds will like it >.>

but it's not my cup of tea.

You can't please everyone so take whatever I say with a grain of salt. Good job putting the amount of time and effort you did into something and collaborating with others.

I think you could work on the audio editing - it's got that crunchy peak in several places. Also the voices don't feel like they belong in the same space. Maybe dilute that with reverb?

Consistency. Sometimes characters are outlined and sometimes they're aren't. Their scaling is inconsistent.

Silverelick responds:

Yeah, kind of my thoughts exactly. The audio issues are my bad, i wasn't able to send my sond guy the audio seperate files due to the projects mismanagement on my end. So he only had the guide track to work with.

Art line inconsistency was another thing that bugged ne as well. Not sure if it was a combination of the designs, the program, or my lack of skill at the time, most likely a combination of all 3. I hope to improve that in the next one. Thanks for the review, sorry it wasn't your cup of tea, but these things aren't always a crowd pleaser. But all the same thanks!

Wow, it was great!! Good humor, great job on animation, and excellent job from the voice actors!!

Credits & Info

3.31 / 5.00

May 11, 2020
6:41 AM EDT