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Use your mouse to click and collect the letters.

If the collected letters form a word from the missing object’s list, the object reappear and extra time is added.

TIP: You don’t have to collect letters in order to form words.

TIP: you can try to form more than one word at a time.

Attention: You have a limit of 10 collected letters. When the limit is reached, the first collect letter is disposed to open space for the new one.

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only 10 letters holding space, and some of the words are nearly 10 letters long
(Painting for example.)
So you sit there waiting for the missing letter to show up while time runs out.
Even short words, like bed, can be impossible to complete quickly.
This game would be frustrating enough without the time limits on the level being so short.

Best strategy would be to get the longest words first, then do multiple short words when you're near the end.

AlmostGamesDEV responds:

Dear 5marter,

We're sorry you didn't have the best game experience possible, we will work to improve our letter spawn so you don't need to wait so long.

We really appreciate your feedback.

Thank you very much,
Almost Games

1) The game is broken. I finally spelt the last word in a level but the game failed to recognise it.
2) The game is unfair. You spend minutes HOPING a letter you need appears.
It would have helped to show which letters you had/needed in the actual word list.

AlmostGamesDEV responds:

Thanks for playing our game!

We're really sorry that you had a bad gaming experience :( We'll work to fix it right away!

Also, we will look into your idea to show the collected/needed letters in the word list.

We really appreciate your feedback!
Almost Games

Wow. This is actually somewhat addicting. It's such a freelance word game! Although I'll be honest, I feel like this would work even better as a mobile title. Also, I hope all text gets properly translated soon. Other than that, I don't really have any problems with this game. It's a nice relaxing time-killer!

EDIT (Since I can't seem to reply): I guess "Rankings" would need to be translated to Portuguese. I see that the credits are in English or the "Attributions". Though, I think it'd be helpful to also have the credits switch to Portuguese when needed for those of the native language. Another issue is that I can't seem to log back in with the same name I had yesterday.

EDIT 2: Everything seems to be pretty good now! I'm able to use my username now. I just had to add Newgrounds to allow trackers! Thanks guys!

AlmostGamesDEV responds:

Thanks for playing our game! We are really happy that you have enjoyed it!
The mobile version is currently is being reviewed on Play Store and hopefully it will be released soon!

Could you please be more specific and tell us what exactly needs to be properly translated.

Sorry for any bugs/mistakes and Thanks for player our game!
Almost Games

Eh. its good. sometimes i'm looking for a word and i'm stuck there for 30 seconds, but when I have the first letter, I finish the word in like 3 seconds.

AlmostGamesDEV responds:

Thanks for the comment, we are really glad that you played our game! We will work to improve the letter spawn!
We don't know if it helps, but a tip is that you can try to collect letters from more than one word at at time and also pause the game to check what letters you need.

Thanks again!

Credits & Info

2.93 / 5.00

May 9, 2020
2:58 PM EDT