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Ninja Suffering

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For a ninja, everything leads to suffering.

Keep running and jumping from platform to platform with either space bar, a mouse click, or a touch screen tap. Hold down jump to keep jumping higher, and hit the button again to double jump, but be careful! You only have a limited amount of stamina, and every jump uses some of it! Once it runs out, you're dead.

Collecting burgers restores some stamina.

Oh, and every 100 points, the game gets a little bit faster...

Made this in my off time in between bigger projects over the last five days or so.

Still not exactly sure why hahaha

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Really good but the thing is when I tap the screen it basically makes everything go blue and my ninja guy falls.

Really good though.

it a simple platformer game and i like it

Cool mini game! The idea of focusing less on having to hit perfect jumps and more on stamina management in an infinite runner game and trying to pick up boost changes a lot about how the game is played, adding both more freedom and long term considerations to it. I really enjoy it.

My highest score is 123 lol. Overall this game is simple and not that bad

Credits & Info

3.56 / 5.00

May 8, 2020
12:25 PM EDT
  • Krita
  • Construct 3