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A Butterfly's Touch - Movie Version

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This is a video version of an interactive game, I highly recommend that you play the game for the best experience. It has more scenes, a bullet hell mini-game and fun dialogue! You can download it for free here:


or here on newgrounds:

Episode 3, Shy horse!

Featuring Kumbomb once more as the voice of Fluttershy, she did a fantastic job once again!

Lot's of quality of life improvement in this version! New gameplay, more music, more effect, some ui and code polish, etc. Please feel free to give me some feedback, especially the new gameplay. It doesn't have a lot of possible pattern right now but I'll be fixing that soon.

Nothing is pay walled but if you wish to support me and help me out, you'll get early access to these animations, W.I.P, tutorials, a patreon game mode, HD downloads and the ability to vote on the next big Animation like this one!

We're currently voting for the next animation!

Love ya!



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I thought she was going to say you were trying to cross the border right

It's so nice oh fuck


1000000/10 voice acting-1000000/10 animated job

This guy should run into the other mane six, as well as their mothers, and the other princesses. That would make everything better. After all, that is always been the point of Anon.