Nejire Hado Mega Thighjob

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I didn't visit my newgrounds page since I uploaded Hestia titfuck game, all feedback from that game will be carried to my next game sorry. >///<"


You can support me here if you like my work :D


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It won’t load

The sfx sounds weird as if it is constantly stopping and restarting. It seems to cut itself off. Art is alright and flows better than most amateur stuff. Sound to me is the most important part after the art.

game works perfectly. It is just teasing though.

Trash, 1 star because at least it loads, but this sucks

In addition to what Synikal said.

This is... not that wonderful?? Like yeah, it's a thighjob. But it's... not a good one. Not really whatsoever. There could have been a lot more effort put in to this. This is at most a 3-4 day project. Including the art and the programming needed all for one person to do.

Not sure if you're a group of folks or just one person, but whoever is behind morganmox definitely needs to put in some work to practice the art and programming more. It's not godawful by any means, but it needs some serious loving. Something that hit me hard too - the shaft just looks absolutely broken. Like, I'd research a little more about how one looks before trying to draw one.

Keep practicing. Keep working on improving. Nothing is learned in a day and it takes time and effort to make quality things. Don't look at this as something to be down about. Take this and learn from it. Figure out what you need to improve on and do your best. I'll keep my eye on your game from now on and see how you do. I want you to get better and make quality stuff. It's cool to see folks grow. Let's see you grow into something great.