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The Murder of Don Lewis

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This was made for the PetJam

I'm sad to say I wasn't able to finish this one in time. I hope you enjoy this WIP nonetheless.

I know the audio is messed up but I had to get it in before midnight.

Sorry guys.

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How is this E rated, I’d say T. Good Animation tho.

Did you run outta paint.

KwikToon responds:

Yeah lol

That was strange and funny, too bad it's not colored at places, maybe even shortened at places we don't even know. This is why I don't like jams. People worry about deadline, not quality.

KwikToon responds:

Thanks for the rating. I think you're right.

Still a great project to be a part of! I loved recording for this! Thank you for letting me work with you Kwik and be a part of your jam submission! Can’t wait to further collaborate with you 😊

KwikToon responds:

It was a pleasure working with you, Corey. You do great work!