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Talking Chameleon

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Made this for petjam, hope you guys enjoy it!

Stay safe and healthy peeps!

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Great animation

Aope responds:

Thanks! :B

This is a good movie! But, there are some things that I didn't like:
-The opening of ABEE NEWZ dragged on for a little bit, which is nit-picky, but I thought it was kind of annoying
-The old man's voice did not match him AT ALL. It sounded like a Old West child.
-TIKTOK? Okay, not really, but the cat face didn't make me laugh.

Although with all these flaws, it does have GREAT animation design(kind of reminds me of Summer Camp Island), and that ending really takes the cake. If the flaws were removed, then this would be a perfect 5 star rating. But don't let that discourage you!

Aope responds:

hey thanks for that feedback ;) we always learn from our mistakes...

lmao. XD The timing between the scenes is just perfect... expressive animation too. Thoroughly enjoyed this.


Aope responds:

Thank you for that amazing feedback really appreciate it! :D

So cool! Hahaha

Aope responds:

Thank you so much!

Ha, ha, ha! The true star was a cat. I'm gonna pee.

Aope responds:

Yep ;) haha