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Dave to the Rescue

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Saw this jam was happening and didn't have an excuse to not participate, happy with myself for finishing something.

I made all the thingos in it except my handsome brother voiced the cat. Hope u like it :>))

Thanks to Newgrounds and its community for my childhood and still providing a space for people to mess around.

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best thing ever

I'll admit this was nice the animation was good and the idea was great and the ending was pretty silly

get fucked

TerryTimetable responds:

Keep it G rated on my Christian webpage please!

Touching. You went the emotional direction with the Pet Jam. Something a little bit different. We suddenly see a man with depression start his road to recovery with the help of his cat. Even though the reasoning behind the cats intentions was most likely self survival....

And boom everyone's dead.

TerryTimetable responds:

Thanks mate. Gotta go out with a bang! That ol' WW3 could happen at any moment... Build a bunker, stay inside, 2 scary!!!

This really spoke to me and I am not sure why. It was well paced and the characters were likeable. I really liked it. That ending was weird though.

TerryTimetable responds:

Cheers brother, appreciate it. Tried to attempt something with structure and some story. The ending is dumb, but it makes me happy.