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Thank you so much for watching!

This animation was started when the jam started, so believe me that this couple of weeks has been really stressful but also funny!

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You don't know what Aventuamigos is?

Aventuamigos is a latinamerican web-series created in 2016 by Ramalfont (Formerly known as ALToons). The story stars AL, a boy with wild hair and a red body; He must go through many adventures with his friends to defeat a world-class chef in a kitchen duel and find peace with his gray past. He had the support of people like Anioco, KoidelCoyote, Chucho Calderón, Khazoo and Emmanomia until its end in August 2019.





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this is funny and cool

Big fan of the art and animation! The pacing works and the acting is good. Not a fan of the writing.
I can get past the hamster being an asshole for no reason, but why does he suddenly get all teary eyed and want to stay in the end? Seems like it was just to set up that one bait and switch joke.
I would have liked to see a few more establishing shots. Maybe the guy bumping the cage or otherwise being a doofus before the Taken monologue, just to give the hamster a reason to be mad at him? Something in the middle to change the hamster's mind about killing him would help, like he leaves out a big bowl of food or a toy. He could even kick the hamster out the door in the end so it's clear to the audience that te hamster is indeed gone (The bait and switch makes that part confusing).

Great quality assets and people that just needs a little more substance to be a hit!

Contrary to some of the more negstive reviews I felt the pacing was perfect, the animation was professional, and the voice acting, humor, and even the "meme" scream was perfectly fitting to make this an all aroubd enjoyable animation.

ALToons responds:

Thank you so much!! <3

The pacing is really quick, but the animation has genuine appeal and charm.

That Liam Neeson line had me hooked in the beginning, lol!

0:56 Is that hamster a snoyper main or something? "ⱼₐₐₐᵣₐₜₑ!"

1:28 Hey, at least she didn't eat them. They actually do that, y'know. And it's not even that rare of an occurrence.