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Coordinate License 5 Points

Scored 50.

Green Light 10 Points

Scored 150.

Yellow Light 25 Points

Scored 300.

Good Coordination 50 Points

Scored 250 with 3 lives.

Red Light 50 Points

Scored 500.

Traffic Enforcer 50 Points

Destroyed 100 enemies in 1 game.

Perfect Coordination 0 Points

Scored 500 with 3 lives.

Untouchable 100 Points

Destroyed 250 enemies in 1 game, with 3 lives.

Author Comments

** Best played using Google Chrome in full screen.

You are a coordinate trying to move to a specific position in your area. Move around with the mouse, avoid bumping around the obstacles. This is a remaster of its 2011 game made with Stencyl.

Featuring music from Albert Paixão.

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I like it

Pretty neat game! It's a simple game, but it has a lot of nice juicy elements to it that give it a nice sense of excitement and professionalism, like how the music fades in and out between gameplay and the menu, and how everything has great movement to it with slides and bounces and so on. There were some frustrating aspects to it though: I didn't like how enemies can spawn right on top or directly under me, and I didn't like how I couldn't interact with things when I've been hit (I get the idea, but the invincibility is so short anyway, just let me collect this one point and not have to sit on my thumbs waiting). Was also difficult to tell when I was damaged: could do with a bigger signal to register being hit like a screen shake, a red flash, a time freeze, etc. I also felt like the multiplier bar was a bit lacking: I feel like something that important, since it's a scoring game, should be bigger and flashier and more spelled out to the player so you feel compelled to keep it up. Anyway, it was still some good simple arcade fun!

ToadieTechnika responds:

"could do with a bigger signal to register being hit like a screen shake, a red flash, a time freeze, etc". I like that! I feel like I have to improve more on the UX on the next game. Thank you very much for this comment. :D

It's a top tier game, but I have just a couple of problems with it. I don't like how your position can't be registered while you're hit (I get it, if you didn't want players to be able take advantage of their i-frames). Also, because the squares can appear anywhere on the screen, even on you, so I often get cornered. I would prefer there be a small border around the player, guarding the player, so that squares can't directly spawn on you, but, perhaps, that would be way too much of a hassle.

Besides what was previously mentioned, It's amazing! Great music and gameplay!

music is good but i still wish i could turn it off

I'd suggest having the damaging squares show up from off screen, rather than just materializing on the player. Too many times I took damage that was unavoidable because they materialized on top of me.

What is the purpose of the other squares? Could the game be made without them?
As far as I could tell: they were just clutter, and I'd rather have a lower noise to signal ratio, especially when using peripheral vision to detect danger.

Credits & Info

3.67 / 5.00

May 1, 2020
1:48 AM EDT
  • Unity

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