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Shadic vs Metallix | Sprite Battle

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YouTube Link to Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sl2UfE6mOCg

After a short hiatus I managed to finish this within a month... Initially planned on making it only 4 to 5 mins long yet it's 3 times that length...

I'm really happy with how this has gotten for the most part... This may also

be considered as a kind of teaser for my own Series that I'm still planning ''Super All-Star Bros.''. So don't wonder about certain character interactions

(Yes I made Lilac and Shadow hate each other).

And of course, as so many of you had been asking for this, IT'S TIME TO WORK ON BATTLE OF SPRITES 3!!!!

And Special thanks to XeonSpriteMaster for making that epic SpacePea Logo at the end of the Video! Here is his channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr_a...


YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/SpacePea

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SpacePea

DeviantArt: http://spacepea.deviantart.com/

Pinterest: https://de.pinterest.com/spacepea/

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/spacepeaanimations


Characters belong to:



Animation made by:

SpacePea (Eren Kaan Topal)

Style Inpsired by:

Mark Haynes (Alvin Earthworm)




Sheet made by: Darknessx4

Original Sprites by: Domenico, Drumaitoobeso, Crioflaredraco, Skollabs, Roxpong

Super Shadic

Made by: Darknessx4

Hyper Shadic

Made by: Darknessx4

Original by: MyPicts, Roxpong

Dark Hyper Shadic

By: Caroll Ann

Darkspine Hyper Shadic

By: Caroll Ann


By: Miniking91, redball bomb


Made by: VicTE (DoubleSNova/Double S Animations)


Made by: Mark Haynes (Alvin Earthworm), A.J. Nitro, jdaster64, TheGuy07

Cape Mario

Made by: Mark Haynes (Alvin Earthworm), A.J. Nitro, jdaster64, TheGuy07

Hyper Star Mario

Made by: Mark Haynes (Alvin Earthworm)

Remade by: jmkrebs30

Original Sprites ripped by: A.J. Nitro

Recoloured by: SpacePea

Redone and Arranged by: jmkrebs30

Sonic The Hedgehog

Made by: Mark Haynes (Alvin Earthworm), Daniel Sydney, Ren ''Foxx' Ramos, Nate the Hedgehog

Redone by: jmkrebs30

Mecha Sonic

Ripped by: Bonzal, dinojack9000


Made by: Mark Haynes (Alvin Earthworm)

Original rips by: A.J. Nitro, jdaster64

Redone by: jmkrebs30

Shadow The Hedgehog

Made by: Mark Haynes (Alvin Earthworm), Deekman, Shadow333, shadow_91

Redone by: jmkrebs30

Super Shadow

Made by: sonicmechaomega999, FoxMaster55, Dominico

Ripped by: Dave Edwards, Deekman, Blitz Xavler


Made by:

Ren "Foxx" Ramos, Arsenic, Neox, Roymaster4, ChedDar-X

Songs Used:

Tekken 7 OST - Hideaway 1st

S.S.H. REMAKE - 01-THUNDER FORCE Lightning Strikes Again - Metal Squad

Devil May Cry 3 - Show No Tears

XENO Goku Theme [Unofficial]

Sonic Forces - Infinite Battle Theme 1 and 2 Mashup

Tekken 7 OST - Hatred

Sonic Forces - Infinite Full Version EPIC METAL COVER by LittleV

Sonic and The Black Knight - Fight The Knight (Simpsonill Remix)

LEGO Dimensions - Sonic Level Pack Music - Lava Reef Zone

Sonic_Generations - Boss Battle Big Arm [Intense Symphonic Metal Cover]

Programs Used:

Adobe Animate Professional CC 2018 (Adobe Flash)

Adobe Fireworks CS6

Adobe Premiere Pro



Sounds and Voice Clips from various Sources.

And of course, I thank ALL of you SO much for watching!

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HOW IS THE AVERAGE 3 STARS?! The average honestly shouldn’t even be 5 even though that’s the limit, it should be 6. It’s stuff like this where it’s so good you can’t explain it. One of the best new sprite animations, for sure.

nice job

It has super good editing, and it has a lot of thought put into it.

Metallix Sonic compared all of Sonic and Shadow's combination power levels from the past. Like knowing which next ones they use to get stronger and to take on enemies, and the other enemies using a higher power level against theirs. But knowing no matter what Shadic does, even if it's pure hatred after what Metallix did, or what ever he does, he thinks Shadic is still weaker then them. Only to find out he underestimated them again.

I loled so hard at 12:04


I love it

SpacePea responds:

thank you very much!

also yeah now that you mention it that finisher is kinda funny