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Demonica Bukkake - final

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This version, on top of having all the functions of part 1, comes with a series of improvements.

There are new sets of cumshots available coming from both Lust which will be standing in front of Demonica and the demon Scrotus which is behind Demonica.

Demonica now has some new functions like Boobs bouncing and a squirt toggle. Once you turn the toggle on she will squirt every time she receives a cumshot.

New "cum-paint" effects are now in place as well as a bunch of new sound effects.

The Reset button has now been replaced by a Clean Up button. This basically initiates an animation in which Hottie licks Demonica clean of cum and the game restarts fresh so that you may try different cumshot combinations.

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Hey I'm a fan of your game, literally i love it since i saw it.

I only have two question, what can i do in the hell circles? Literally i don't know what to do there, how do they work

And the second one. Do you have a walkthrough of the game? The legend of lust is, in my point of view, an excelent game but, i had been lost so many times, and a walkthrough can help the players so much.

Please never stope to update this game, is a master piece


Thank you man! Much appreciated ;)
No worries, so far we have been releasing updates every month without ever missing a single month. And we don't plan to stop until we have a complete and rich world as well as a full story-line.
Currently, we have only opened the circle of Lust. We have started preparing another circle but it is still not available to be visited in game. So far we have mainly worked on opening realms in the world above. What and when some new area is opened depends on mainly 2 things: story-line requirements and Patron votes. We run polls on our Patreon page and our Patron cast their vote deciding a bunch of things including for example where we should go next.
Regarding walkthroughs, yes we have made a few, but most of them have been posted on our Patreon page under the Tag "How To".
Glad you like the game, we are almost done with yet another update that we will release the coming month and thank you for the great rating ;)

Love it!


Thank you!!! ^^

I Like it hope to see more high quality wank material by you degenerates soon.


Thank you for the great rating and yes, we release on a monthly basis so more is coming ;)

I love it.


Thank you very much BelfastFan ;)

Liked very much the end of this mini-game, the option to cum whever you want with 4 differents dudes(included the big one in the back and yourself,lust), and the switch of the ''reset'' option to a clean up option with hottie cleaning she up, OMG, wonderful.
Animated to see the next new mini-game :)


Glad you liked the new functions we added ^^ and thank you for the great rating ;)

Credits & Info

3.17 / 5.00

Apr 28, 2020
3:50 PM EDT