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Bass Master Online

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Do you miss people? Do you want to connect with them in the most cutting edge, realistic, and raw way possible?

Welcome to Bass Master Online!

Bass Master Online is the premiere online fishing game, featuring amazing "real 3D" technology and incredible internet connectivity! Fish at your leisure in randomly generated islands, surrounded by other players from around the world.

You may be alone at your computer, but with Bass Master Online, you can be alone, together.


Click to move

Click and drag off of your player to cast

Click again to reel!

Wait until a fish nibbles on your bobber (it’ll move into it and ripple the water) before reeling to catch it. Make sure to reel in quickly after they nibble, or they'll escape your grasp!

Good luck!

Made with <3 for the HaxeFlixel Game Jam

Check out the source code here



  • Added Medal Support
  • Added visuals to convey when a fish is nibbling

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Game is well done except for the constant rotating.
I had to stop playing after about a dozen catches.

I've never "continuously spun" while fishing in real life,
and don't understand the purpose of it in the game?

This game is extremely technically impressive - to take a 2D engine and put it into 3D then also go the extra mile and put it online is nuts. It has a fun simplicity to it that's just beautiful in its execution.

I wasn't too fond of the controls, and the whole thing could use a bit more juice in a few ways, but honestly this is so incredibly impressive that I don't care at all about those specifics.

I've been wanting to say something about this since it came out, but I kept on getting busy and forgetting, so as long as I'm here again, I guess I'll put it out there--
I love bass fishing online!
It's very simple, but still impressive, in the worlds of both gamedev and fishing.
maybe I'm just a sucker or fishing games, but if you made a full online fishing game with more features, I'd have no choice but to make it the only game I play
thank you for enriching my life with bass fishing online!

austineast responds:

well that settles it, i have to make a full version! thanks for the review, fellow bass enthusiast <3

Hmm, not much to this, at least from what I can tell. I'm worried that maybe I missed something: there was so little to do that I was expecting some sort of crazy twist once I caught a few fish, like it would transform into something else more exciting. Controls were confusing to learn as well: I was expecting to click in the water to cast my lure there, not click on myself and drag. Not sure if it's a multiplayer game? If so, maybe I missed the boat.

austineast responds:

it is indeed a multiplayer game! and yes, the most you are able to do is fish - a little sparse, but thats what i was able to accomplish during the game jam I made this for. regardless, thanks for playing, and i appreciate the feedback :D

You had me in the first half, not gonna lie

Credits & Info

3.31 / 5.00

Apr 28, 2020
12:06 AM EDT
  • HaxeFlixel
  • Aseprite