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Euro Farm

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Author Comments

farm clicker game, reach 750 euro to win

Ended up scrapping my first idea (it was too big in scale) which I was developing on Saturday and a bit of sunday. Then i made this small clicker game instead on monday

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...end -5min


Almost a good game. I think you should revisit this one because it could actually be a great idle game. The set up is super simple, but having so few things being able to be purchased a goal so low gives it little to no pliability. It took me less than 5 minutes to play and it's so linear that you really don't have any choice playing the game. Just click coin, buy cheapest upgrade, repeat, end game in 2-3 minutes.

Here's a random rambling of possible ideas:

1) Give it a menu. I know it's a super simple game and it doesn't take much figuring out on anyone's part. Click the coins to gain 1 or 2 money. If you don't want to click there's an idle amount that you can earn. You don't know that it's an idle earnings because it doesn't say, but it's clear when you see the number start increasing without doing anything. Simple as it may be, an explanation/menu could go a long ways. Which brings me to my next point.

2) When you put your mouse over something have it tell us what it does. Have it say, "Adds 1 coin per second and +5 to idle earnings in a text box when we scroll over the items. That in itself would add so much to this game. It gives the illusion of choice to game players who would then say, "I'll wait to upgrade that one because I like the reward on this one better!" Again, runs into my next point.

3) You have such a large screen. Use it! You could have made this game so much better by adding about 3-5x the amount of upgrades and to increase the goal by a ton. You had such a big screen, but most of it was white! Add a bunch of upgrades and fill that sucker out so it's more visually appealing!

4) Talking about visually appealing, add some animation. Nothing crazy, just simple things like the buttons depressing when you roll over them. Have the windmill move slightly, bird flying by, super simple stuff that would add character to this.

Overall I think if you did a lot of those other things you'd have a game that would be interesting enough for people to play. At that point you'd even have a game good enough to add medals too. Imagine a game with 50 different upgrades, doing a variety of things, with a variety of goals. Maybe even one in depth enough for people to come back to a couple of days to try and get all of the achievements.

As itself it's not very fun, but it's really close to being a game that could be.

EnverArco responds:

Thanks, I appreciate the feedback. And I agree with pretty much all of your points. There's a lot of room for improvement here.

Credits & Info

2.61 / 5.00

Apr 27, 2020
6:57 PM EDT