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mha - mineta's dream - ochaco ft- tsuyu x momo[720p]

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I hope you like it, please enjoy!

Special thanks to my supporters!

(sorry for the outro but my patrons at least deserve a 1 minute outro for their names to be shown!)


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bro mineta is the biggest pervert in all of anime history ngl..

nice ED song btw

Like the last review in May said, too short. It's comedic, but it was more of a tease than anything. Keep up the great work!

Yep, loved the scene! it was almost flawless but it was too short :(

What was there was nice but I have to judge the entire video and with only 37 seconds out of a 2:30 video being enjoyable content I can't really justify a high score. I like seeing longer vids posted here so it was a bit disappointing to see so much padding. One other note that I didn't deduct any points for is the sound. While it was much better than most we get on this site it could've been a touch less repetitive. That is admittedly a nitpick hence no points deducted and surrounding factors may have simply made me more aware of the loop but a potential improvement regardless.

Looking at your profile it looks like you've been pretty prolific so far this year and I hope you keep it up. There is still lots of room for improvement and I look forward to seeing where you go from here.

ZanjiVision responds:

Thank you for your feedback, I will take those with me for my coming projects!