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Author Comments

My entry for the HaxeFlixel Game Jam with the theme "Alone, Together" with some lowbrow comedy (but the finest of lowbrow comedy!) about when this whole mess finally ends.

If you like this game and want to play my other games that are not at all like this in the slightest bit, then go play Daxolissian System: Cat's Eye for a fast-paced RTS that'll kick your butt, or Daxolissian System: Saboteur if you think you know how to fly a spaceship by radar and are up for getting a shellacking.


Funshine by Kevin MacLeod (PD) https://freepd.com/upbeat.php

City tileset by Arthur Carvalho (CC-BY-SA 4.0) https://opengameart.org/content/exterior-32x32-town-tileset

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The end explains the exaggerated bust.

A goofy, fun little game! It's definitely a little clunky with bad collision hitboxes and bleh graphics and such, but the concept and dialogue were interesting, and it had a fun metroid-esque progression to it as you get more and more powers to deal with the guys, including a nice 'victory lap' with the final sword power-up. I liked the initial puzzles where you had to strategically hook guys on level geometry to trap them: unfortunately that seemed to be lost quickly before it could fully blossom.

Pretty funny because of the music accompanying the whole thing and also how every guy chasing you looks the same (Which makes sense in a video game but for some dumb reason I like pretending it's the same guy teleporting around and chasing you).

I found the gameplay to be much more fun when trying to get the guys stuck on objects to move past them, and getting the sword removed a lot of that. Also that timing on the sword is a little too tight, and some areas where you start really far away from any guys can get tedious to repeat over and over again such as the area with the miner girl.

It's not very polished in terms of graphics but I still had fun playing it.

Interesting gameplay concept, not fond of the theme and the assets don't blend much at all. I didn't like the sword hitbox all that much either. Could've used a better control scheme and something that made you want to switch between the chars more often than just having each one be an upgrade over the last.

It only figures we'd have a coronavirus game. Pretty much it'll probably have its own section. I don't know how to beat the last part. We need something like this. The simplicity works so well. The music's nice too.

There's not much going on, but that's the point. Luckily, the park nearby is open. I don't touch random strangers anyway. I don't think most people do. Of course, they don't touch me either.

Credits & Info

3.29 / 5.00

Apr 26, 2020
2:03 AM EDT
  • HaxeFlixel
  • Audacity
  • Gimp
Misc. Kit
  • Visual Studio Code