Doom Crossing- why does it work?

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We've seen Isabelle and Doom Guy paired up countless times at this point but why don't we see more meme's paired up like this? Why is it that the Animal Crossing fandom and the Doom: Eternal Fandom get along but not other fandoms? Could other memes come together to create something even greater?

The art in the thumbnail was done by rariatto(ganguri)! I did not get their permission to use it! My bad! Check out there work and if you see this Rariatto and you're NOT happy please just leave a comment and I'll change it immediately! Love your work!


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Opposites attract. Much like relationships, the internet decided to ship it.

Well, i do enjoys igorrr's hard metal (cheval for example) while sitting down a hill relaxing looking up at the beautiful blue sky.

404Tales responds:

That's a fuckin vibe right there.

Good essay

404Tales responds:

Thanks! Good username.

Didn't realize this crossover might be such a real and complex issue... personally I'm a Doom guy (obviously), but I believe it's more so just because that's the franchise/genre I just happened to get into first, not more so that it somehow matches my personality more. I could just as well have picked up idle RPG-like games and become addicted to those. Animal Crossing seems like fun too. Generally, I'd feel like gamers generally appreciate games. That's all.

And that two so very different franchises being renewed at the same time led to this creative bridge, which has then grown further as people fed on the hype and popularity. Surely the contrast makes it all the more fun to play around with too.

Maybe I place too little value in the community aspect of it all though... interesting theory to listen to too. Good stuff.


404Tales responds:

It's very interesting to study the communities built up around the things we like. It's something that most people aren't aware of- that every community acts somewhat distinctly from others. It's hardly something that requires participation but I do think it's an interesting way to study the effects media can have on us. Which makes the interactions between these communities all the more fascinating!
I've found the Doom fandom is actually pretty mature and despite the nature of the games- very chill. I don't think another FPS could get along quite as well with the Animal Crossing fandom.

I think they melded BECAUSE they're so different. There's no overlap, so much isolation between the two that there's no contact before this, and the first interaction was, thankfully, positive.
You look at other fandoms, like say Steven Universe and Undertale and think "Oh you two should get along great!" They share a lot of themes, some style, there's a lot of middle ground. But then someone says THEIR preferred side does x better. Doesn't matter what x is, could be narrative, could be fight choreography, what matters is that one fan says one fandom is better at it than the other. And then an internet fight starts. Not the pirates vs ninjas kind that's mostly a philosophical(?) time killer, but one where people are invested in each side, sometimes unhealthily so because again, fandoms. There's no overlap between Doom and Animal Crossing when you're being completely objective and not just memeing. No toes to step on.
People think that folks hate what's different, and a lot of time that's true, but you'll often find that things that are alike, but don't match with the "proper" interpretation of things clash the most.

Love your video format/style, keep up the good work.

404Tales responds:

It's almost like the more alien something is the easier it is to get along- as long they don't step on the toes of the other community. I feel like the Animal Crossing crowd isn't very likely to critique Doom's value as an FPS and the Doom fandom doesn't....I don't know what would piss off the Animal Crossing's fandom to be honest. Calling Tom Nook a capitalist bastard?
Anyway, I agree with you 100% and unfortunately I think a majority of the interactions between fandom's tend to be more similar to the Undertale/Steven Universe interactions.