[Animatic] GYRO MEAT

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Music by Tetsuya Koyama, his info coming soon.

=What the fuck is this?=

It's more KILL WOLFY content! Outside of making cartoons for the internet, I pay the bills as a storyboard artist for TV animation. In order to aid in finding work, I take a pitstop in the middle of my indie films to make the storyboards as fleshed out and studio quality as possible for my portfolio before I move on to animating them. The sound design is minimal (even by my standard) because my field of work doesn't involve sound design. Not entirely sure if NG is into this sort of thing, but if you like pre-production enjoy! If people are into this, I'll upload my other portfolio animatics, if not I'll see you in the winter with the finished film! <3

=What's the progress on the finished film?=

At the time of this upload, I'm coming up on the halfway mark of the animation, I would've shared this last year but it had licensed placeholder music until my buddy Tetsuya could make some fresh original tracks for it (which he finished last night :D) If you wanna watch me make this fucking thing, I'm pretty much making the entire thing publicly at https://www.twitch.tv/jazlyte

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really nice

only problem is f u r r i e s

Theyre gay

Your animatics are very fun to watch
( *~*){<3)

Very nice

So first of all I love the view shots of this from black and whitw to the yellowsih added colored characters, the voices are amazing I may suggest some added subtitles for some added element to the film, So here we have something differant and with everything going on you really bring out the quality and flavor in this one, So I am loving the unique style and it still brings some entertainment value and that was all a plus, Wow it's not often that you stumble across a flick that's so intriging like this one you have here this really makes me want to go back and think and check this one out once again and watch it a few times to catch every little detail.

the voices are amazing I may suggest some added subtitles for some added element to the film


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Apr 25, 2020
8:17 PM EDT
  • Daily 4th Place April 27, 2020