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❤️Lockdown Lewd UP! 3

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Heyho, you funky sexy lockdown lover!

It's so hard to stay at home all the time... Let us make your lockdown a bit lewder with this silly little game about being in lockdown that we made while being in lockdown ;)

Take care, be healthy and stay funky,

Dez & Oni



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awesome loved it.. found one glich tho, i put the final two miniature warrior babes on the table at the same time and it kept telling me that there was still one missing (puzzle still worked but confuzed me for a lil bit had to restart the game to fix it).

TeamTailnut responds:

Heyho, Flisovatski!
Thanks for playing and thanks for reporting the glitch, I didn't know about this one before!
Glad the puzzle still worked and sorry for the confusion.
Stay funky,

Could you make a version for mobile devices?

code is 28012 or is it...............

TeamTailnut responds:

Heyho, arcadeprehacks!
Well done - now can you beat Episode 4 as well? ;)

Thanks for playing and stay funky,

Shouldn't need a game guide to play a 'lewd' game...

Edit: came back and used the guide because I appreciate devs that engage the community. Adjusted score to be more fair to the quality of the game even though I'm still not convinced the clues were clear enough.

TeamTailnut responds:

Heyho, ajbgreybird!
Thanks for playing! Check out the newest Lockdown Lewd UP! episode, it's a lot more relaxed!
Enjoy and stay funky,

am too dum to figure out the puzzle

TeamTailnut responds:

Heyho, georgionzola!
Thanks for playing and no worries, this episode really has it in it!
Check out the game guides (and the other Lockdown Lewd UP! games) here:

Take care and stay funky,