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Party Land

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Friend of Gewb 5 Points

You helped Gewb save his kid!

Hungry Hungry Gewb 10 Points

Eat 15 party bears in one level.

Author Comments

For the Flixel game jam, I decided to try a platform-game. The game supports keyboard and gamepad (tested with Logictec controller, Windows, Chrome). The core game mechanic revolves around your energy bar. As you move, you lose energy. Kill and eat the Party Bears to restore energy. If you run out of time, they eat your kid.

KeyBoard: WASD or Arrow Keys (movement), Space bar (jump), J-key (punch), K-key (eat). If you press down while in the air, the character does a power smash.

All music is from Freepd.com and sound effects are from opengameart.org.

Many thanks to the Haxe Flixel Discord channel (Fab, Gama11, and GeoKureli to name a few)!


  1. Added arrow keys support for movement.
  2. Kill turd missile on collision. Todo: Add particle splat effect.
  3. Changed Rating to Teen due to violence.
  4. Playing around with velocity and acceleration to be more responsive and less floaty (likely not there yet).

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catproX responds:

Thanks for the feedback.

really good! but really short...
for anyone that agrees with me i do have a suggestion, beat the game again but you hold the spacebar and hit the bears three times instead of once, so that way you have a harder time managing hunger and time, and you can have the entire game be replayable!

catproX responds:

Thanks for the feedback and insight to making the game more challenging.

I love the goofy aesthetic of this game that is told through it's comical story, art and animations! However, the lacking element of sound really hurt the game: I would've loved to hear the main character gobble up the enemies, among other things. Enemy attacks seemed abitrary at times as well, with no sound or animation cues to signal them that I could tell: I'd just take damage for some reason not apparent to me. Some of the platforming was a little glitchy at times, and the upset stomach mechanic was a bit confusing: I thought at first it was only happening when I overate (on a full energy bar) but then it just seemed random when it filled up or didn't. With some more polish I think this game could really shine though, since it was still fun to play just going on its comical presentation.

catproX responds:

Thanks for the awesome feedback. Completely agree with the mechanic concepts. The game jam was a great experience and one of the lessons learned was about sound. I was able to grab the music from Freepd.com, an excellent tip from GeoKureli. What sound effects I was able to find were pulled from opengameart.org and hastily thrown in. In the future, I look forward to working with the talented composers on the site.

So first off let me say the animation and aesthetic here can go places. I do like the thought behind this game with the big lovable but really aggressive character.

What I would suggest, however, is to just really drop the platforming entirely. I think this is a big guy but here he's got a big floaty jump on small platforms, and though I never died in the platforming, I didn't like doing it either.

What I would've loved to see is something like you go up to the bear and it you can really start pounding on it, maybe give it a bit of a minigame, just big juicy punches, if you wanna go overboard finish it off with a throw or some other crazy thing. There's so much potential with these animations, it's just not realized by the mechanics of the gameplay.

catproX responds:

Thank you very much for the great feedback. I'll play around with moving away from a platformer and to more of a beat'em-up (like Double Dragon or Dad and Me). This could let me do more with over-the-top punch combos.

Kind of like Dad and Me but not as good

catproX responds:

Thanks for the feedback. I do love Dad and Me!

Credits & Info

3.41 / 5.00

Apr 24, 2020
6:36 AM EDT
  • TexturePacker
  • HaxeFlixel