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Author Comments

Anthill simulator

Made in 72 hours for ludum dare 46, please vote!


- Controls -

[SPACE] switch view

[ARROWS] move the camera

[SHIFT] fast forward

[LMB] select/place item

[RMB] remove placed item

[ESC] unselect item

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ideas for tower defense i haven't seen before. plays well.

The game has a very big problem, and it is mainly the AI, there is no rest between waves, they come non-stop, and your ants do not prioritize things, or deliver food or defend, and they always defend, so there comes a time when that you do not advance anything, and you only defend, it should be possible to select, which group defends and who collects, so that resources could be better prioritized.

GuyUngerNL responds:

Yeah all good points, making and testing this kind of AI in a 3-day jam was tougher than I expected

good, but very buggy.

there is a lot of crash, but i love the reference to dungeon keeper.
Keep working, it will be a great game.

I had to stop when giving a upgrade to one of my ants. Impossible to go out of this screen.

Interesting, glitched and froze but entertaining while it worked. I didn't understand what the roots did??
One of the biggest issues is the task priority of the ants. They consider travel a task so when an enemy appears they'll go from where they traveled to intercept the enemy. The issue is they don't complete the task they were traveling for!!!! namely feeding the queen or building. They should complete an actual task then once free they can intercept an enemy. It is so annoying that they go the queen with food but as an enemy as appeared they turn around and go intercept the enemy, leaving the queen weak and greatly increasing the intervals between upgrades when the enemies start coming quicker.
Would be very interested in a more polished version of this game, I mean kickstarter support kind of interested- a few bucks serious. A game with better logic, the ability to save and the possibility of near endless gameplay- would be awesome.

Edit: 210 ant years!