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King's Orders

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Made for Ludum Dare 46: "keep it Alive"

This is my first ever submission to a Ludum Dare game-jam (or any jam) so it may be a bit rusty.


Move / Arrow Keys

Attack / X

Jump / Z

Enter / Pause


Side note: this pixels may look disproportionate, but the problem is fixed in fullscreen (the 2-box icon next to the game)

Update 1.0.1

Fixed a bug where peasants would not spawn on subsequent play-throughs

Update 1.1

Added medals and scoreboard functionality

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*accidentally hit a peasant with gold*
me: the *quack* to i do then king knight *pun intended*

Every time I killed I peasant I felt like Monty Python's Lancelot

What a simple but amazing minigame! I like the gameplay too much and the level difficult is perfect. Keep it up! amazing work!

Pretty simple game, but fun as it picks up, and I very much enjoy the humorous little touches! Can be a bit frustrating at times when it generates what feels like an unwinnable pattern like knights stacked next to too many peasants where you just have to end up killing a peasant: it wouldn't be bad if killing a peasant only caused the king to lose a chance at regaining health, but since it makes the king lose health, it's annoying to get stuck in that situation. Wish the hit box of the sword was a bit taller as well since hitting bats can be a bit spotty at times and could use some forgiveness. I wasn't sure but it felt like the difficulty plateaus at a certain point, making me lose interest: unsure if there is an ending or if it continues to ramp up. Fun while it lasts though!

Short, sweet, great. Good job on fixing medals