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The Most Hated Group on Twitter

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Who do you think the most hated group on twitter is? By trying to verify who's real and who's a bot, Twitter accidentally created the most hated group of users on it's entire platform- the blue checkmarks. By trying to fight against anonymous hate they took celebrities and turned them into villains (Not that people like Donald Trump needed any help being hated...)

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Great job, man. Insightful. And I also feel it's quite an objective take on these things.

I have personally always found the use of celebrity as a platform to be a bit disturbing. People (in general) seem to place a huge amount of weight on what some celebs opinion is on something, regardless of that person having any sort of specialized training or particular knowledge in the subject they are talking about. I find this leads to a lot of opinions being accepted as fact regardless of the veracity of the information. I don't personally use twitter, but for reasons other than what you mentioned here. That being said I can see what you are talking about as being an extension of what I already felt was a bit of a problem, the weight we place on the words of people based upon popularity rather than facts. I think that confusion and misinformation is one of the growing pains of the internet, and I don't think that the solution is a blue check mark. I think you are right that people are less likely to check out information when it comes from a 'trusted' source, but I don't think that the answer is necessarily anonymity. I think people should be encouraged to fact check things for themselves regardless of where the information is coming from, especially if the source is pop media and politicians. But as anyone who does a fair amount of research can say, never find just one source, and sometimes even multiple peer reviewed seemingly reliable sources can end up providing bad information, so we should always keep a healthy amount of skepticism in mind.

Yeah.. rambling opinion. As to the weight of my opinions? I think they should hold the weight of anyone else's, if there is something that I say that someone questions or even doesn't know I would hope they don't take my word for fact but investigates it on their own. When it comes to non-fact based opinions or subjective information/opinions I should hope that people don't hold something personal against me based upon them, but at the same time I don't care too much because it is their opinion. If I am falsifying such an opinion would it really matter if my identity was validated?

Someone else mentioned toxic behavior with anonymity. Although I wholeheartedly agree that toxic behavior exists on anonymous sites. I think it exists everywhere on the internet, people seem to have a disconnect between what happens in the real world and on the internet. This is why some criminals get caught because they post videos of their crimes (which I am fine with) and why otherwise respectable seeming people end up getting fired because of hate filled or threatening things they say online. Even though we know things can be traced back to us putting information into a computer or a phone feels less real than going out on the street and shouting it. Another of the internet's growing pains. This can also be observed in the 'friend' rush, adding online friends without in person contact actually makes a person feel more lonely (that would be a checkable fact), The point of that little side trip is even with a lack of anonymity people tend to be more toxic on the internet. Additional anonymity may or may not promote people to be more bold with it, but I don't think it is causal.

Good advice, opinions, and information can exist in any format, but it will always be in the end user to use their own reasoning skills to determine what is actually reliable.

404Tales responds:

Ultimately, it comes down to personal responsibility- I agree.

This belongs on YouTube, and you should be on camera.

Great content though, very fleshed out and well researched. I enjoyed hearing your perspective.

EDIT: Okay, I found your Youtube channel. Prepare for another sub.

404Tales responds:

Yeah this is the second video like this I've posted on Newgrounds, kind of as an experiment. I've done a bunch of these but usually only post them on YouTube. Glad you're liking them though!

Hmm I think it's hard either way. Complete anonymity can lead to toxic behavior and extreme polarization via conspiracy theories (the most popular ideas aren't necessarily right). But that happens without anonymity too.

I guess I'm glad I'm not the one running Twitter. I try to limit my time on it, take everything with a ton of salt 😝

404Tales responds:

Yeah, I feel that way about most social media sites- the people running the bigger sites are just gonna be the bad guys no matter what they do because someone's inevitably going to end up getting hurt.

I'm russian spy, and have no blue thing on tweeter.
So it works

404Tales responds:

Just post proof that your a Russian spy IRL and Twitter will verify you no problem. 👌