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Tightly Bound

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- Father -> arrow keys

- Daughter -> W, A, D

- Menu -> ESC

Also works with controller (tested with xbox360 controller), move with analog sticks and press triggers to jump


Teamwork, family, growing up and helping each other through difficult times


Music by Tomi K

This game is originally made for A "Messy" Community Game Jam

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ok lucky I can play wth both gams
I don't think the jump on the head a glitch casue with out that ability one level is impossible.

how long do i hang the smaller dog by the neck to win the game?

Don´t load.

This is very good. Thanks to the large platforms and consistent jump heights, moving the two characters as one is not hard at all, meaning that platforming is still relatively easy as long as the ceiling is high enough. The rope must have been hard to program and has flaws (especially regarding the direction it pulls you towards when you wrap around a platform), but it's still more often helpful than not.

It's nice that when you wrap the rope around a platform completely, you can pull it through the platform, essentially resetting the rope.

The way you can jump higher by keeping the rope in mind, having to jump in unison, is also very cool. The torch sections work because you get to use your rope to examine your surroundings without having to commit to an approach. It's fun to work with the rope, and yanking your companion up never stops being fun despite the wonky physics.

There is a glitch where you can infinitely jump on a character's head you keep pulling up, sometimes even resetting the lower character's jump. This isn't important, but it's good to know it exists. In general, it feels like the best strategy in a bunch of places is to spam jump a lot because of the danger of falling and the unpredictability of jumping over spikes with the rope, and I wonder if there is a way to remedy that, or if it is fine as it is.

In any case, this is a lovely jam game. Great job.

Defying to play and not bad at all.

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3.43 / 5.00

Apr 18, 2020
9:09 AM EDT
  • Unity