Skippy Pipper!

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Skippy Pipper is here to make you chipper during the pandemic! Let's pass the time during this quarantine with crafts! Skippy will show you how.

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I really like what you did with this character who tries to be optimistic, but is ultimately a hypochondriac. I do feel like there is a lot more you could've done, like you could've had him using his crafts to make a mask, or have him running around and taking too much medicine and overdosing (that might be too morbid, but I hope you understand what I'm trying to say). Otherwise, I thought the execution was very satisfying. Made me lol

I admit it's kind of predictable. A cutesy guy appearing during a virus? It won't end well. I actually thought it was done pretty well. I was wondering what happened to "2 Dumb Babies". Obviously, it's somewhere else now.

The animation's great. It's just one joke, but it's very funny. I can appreciate that. The colors are lush too. That's to be expected in a cartoon like this.

Tomorrows-Nobody responds:

You can find 2 Dumb Babies on YouTube and the audio podcast everywhere you find podcasts.

Though short. The animation and art style was on point! It made me laugh as well. Thumbs up for you!

Pretty funny! Short, but funny.

Also wash your hands.

And don’t touch your face.

And stay 6 feet away from everyone.

Even your family.


Pipper looks like a Stone Toss character voiced by Daffy Duck.