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Demonic Domination

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Another one bit the dust. Another soul for Talva to take care of. From now on, he is hers until he finds redemption, and she damn sure will make it harder for him to want to leave. She wasn't the most violent of the imps, in fact she was part of a special demonic group created in a mutual agreement between Hell and HeavenĀ for the sinners considered to be minors, those with enough guilt to not be allowed to Heaven, but not enough to endure the massive pain of the depth of Hell. She is sent the straight male as this is the role she was given at her creation. Those special demons like her were meant to retain as much as possible the will of those souls to leave by providing lust and very special sexual experience. The only condition was to be able to give them an orgasm every time they demanded it. Failing to this would result in days of torture and unbearable pain. But Talva is very talented, so much that a lot of souls when given the choice to go to Heaven after finding redemption decided to remains in Hell, with her. As long as their soul energy keep nourishing the Land, she would tolerate them. This new one will soon understand that he is better down here with her, and if he does good, she might even let him cum, something she rarely do with new comers.

Took me long enough, but finally it's here! I decided to call this Imp Talva, chance of seeing more action from her are really high :P Welcome to the family!

Imp model by Ghost0fOnyx ( https://sfmlab.com/project/29561/ )

Male model by shaotek ( https://smutba.se/project/80/ )

Imp Voice actress : MistressVulpine ( https://twitter.com/MistressVulpine )

Man Voice actor : Hijenxvo ( https://twitter.com/hijenxvo )

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why does she sound she groaning than moaning



Best way i describe this:


Excellent work!