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Help Yourself

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You are the most recent test subject (Prisoner) of R.B.R.N Labs, by some unknown reason a huge chunk of your room's roof has disappeared! And blue portals start appearing out of nowhere, and held back by a straight jacket there is not much you can do other than use your really strong legs to traverse the vast lab of R.B.R.N labs and perhaps master a new ability along the way, talked down by the company AI "R.B.R.T". Escape with everything at your disposal, you've only got yourself and so please....Help Yourself.

Help Yourself is a submission for Kindred Community Jam. It is the Dark Souls of Puzzles and Platformers with a level editor for players to create, play and share. Whenever you die, a counterpart will spawn and repeat your previous actions, inspired by the theme of the jam: "Death is a new beginning".

Keyboard Controls

  • A & D, Left Arrow Key & Right Arrow Key - Move Left & Right
  • W, Up Arrow Key, Space - Jump
  • F - Interact
  • R - Restart
  • Enter - Accept
  • Escape - Back to Main Menu or Level Editor (if using level editor)

Gamepad Controls

  • Left Joystick - Move Left & Right, Navigation
  • A Button - Jump, Accept
  • B Button - Interact
  • START - Restart
  • SELECT - Back to Main Menu or Level Editor (if using level editor)

*UPDATE 1* - The Input Update

Updated controls to ensure ease of navigating the game without the need of a mouse.

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how do you do level 3

Qual é o nome da música?

Very cool concept! Took me a long time to release what was going on though. I feel like the difficulty spiked way too early: level 3 introduced a bunch of crazy concepts which, while fun to figure out, was also pretty frustrating to figure out without any prior knowledge of how the game worked. I mean, prior to that level, you could win by just jumping! Suddenly you have to know how all these buttons work and that you can operate them from your past selves and that you can jump on your past selves corpses and so on: it's too much at once! The rules didn't seem to be consistent either: some levels seem to reset all of the elements upon dying, while other levels kept the elements there? Unsure if it was a glitch or not. Neat game and very cool concept, just could use some better level design to gradually introduce the concepts more intuitively, and some nice graphics couldn't hurt either to both fancy it up while also highlighting the mechanics more.

i love this game but i wish the sound be in the center

hey nice game dude

Credits & Info

3.33 / 5.00

Apr 10, 2020
5:03 AM EDT
  • FL Studio
  • Aseprite
  • Godot Engine
  • LabChirp