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Dungeon Puzzle Demo

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Author Comments

Update v0.8.0: Add actions detail when clear level.

Update v0.7.0: ​Add undo function and advanced goal for each level.

Update v0.6.0: Can trigger some functions by key input. Near switch state by press [Q] or [E].

Update v0.5.0: Remove auto-equip when pick up object.


Dungeon Puzzle is a 2D spatial puzzle game. You must think about the route of strategy, kill all monsters and pass through unlocked doors to pass the level. If you like to challenge. Try to reach the advanced goal in the level, and get the crown as an honor.​

The full version will have 150 levels and on Steam store soon. 

Please click the Steam link for more information and wishlist it!

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I'm glad that I revisited this game. It's really impressive how much its improved. Removing auto equip and adding an undo button are such massive upgrades to the experience. The only real criticism I have now is that the name is a bit too generic.

150 levels in a demo?

Control scheme idea: since movement is the most common "weapon" by far, arrow keys should move you by default. Then instead of having to equip other weapons, you just hold down that weapon's key while pressing an arrow to use that weapon. Letting go of the key makes you use movement again. Alternatively, you could still keep the equipping system but just automatically equip movement again after using a different action.

Also, I want to be able to automatically use the sword when I try moving into an adjacent enemy. Maybe the same could apply to the shield if I have the shield and not the sword.

Stuck on lvl 9 :C

Pretty nice game! Presentation is very solid all-around: love how buttons react when hovered over (although this is missing on the title screen buttons), love the art and animations, like how when you get a crown it pops in and shines in a satisfying manner, or the way the level transitions. Level design was very nice as well at introducing mechanics to the player and building difficulty bit-by-bit. I feel like the left-side of the screen is a bit crowded with a bunch of text: maybe move the equipment to the bottom-center or bottom-left of the screen and remove the text around it, communicating just with visuals. Would also love to see a cool animation for the character falling down the hole (though perhaps the hole should be replaced by stairs? Usually a hero avoids falling down holes haha).

I agree with a lot of the feedback you've already received on the controls, though I understand the sorts of puzzles you're contemplating are tricky to design a control system around. Still, there's a lot of UX issues in the current implementation.

Equally important: I'd strongly consider implementing an undo move stack. Without an undo, you're really limited in the complexity of puzzles you can design. Eventually you'll reach the player's pain threshold, where they bounce off the level because they didn't want to have to re-execute a fiddly solution to account for a fail-state they triggered, perhaps accidentally.

humofish responds:

Thanks for feedback!

Undo function is implement finish. And I add advanced goal(clear level within specific action counts).

Update coming soon.